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Rajarhat Trip May '08

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Ujjawla (Bengal Ambuja) AA II
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City Center II

Ujjawala & Greenwood Sonata

Greenwood Sonata

Ujjawala & City Center II

Sonata + Highway

Sunrise Point, Akankha, Hiland Woods

Another view

Hey Vegchop,

Great to see you! Great pics man. Barvo.. Excellent.. Rajarhat is rocking.


Thanks SarafIndian! I like what I see + It's so green. I hope it remains this way. More pics on it's way.
Hiland Woods

Sunrise Point Closeup

Road work looking westward

Unitech Convention Center (sneek click)


Pathway next to convention center site

Thanks for the quality pictures, Vegchop. Great effort! :eek:kay:

Love the finishing on 'UJJWALA'.
very nice, Vegchop. I'm happy to see Ujjwala and CC2 - stuff that I worked on, If I may add. :D
1 - 20 of 62 Posts
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