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Raleigh-NC + new camera = well, nothing new, but please come inside!

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Call me greedy, call me unsatisfied, but also call me ready for a true challenge. My Fuji Finepix S7000 has been a FANTASTIC addition to my cameras collection. I took many nice photos and I am looking forward to putting together a thread with my best of images taken with my S7000. While I cannot say I mastered its capabilities - I have seen professional photos taken with the same camera, by others, but I am nowhere near that level - I felt ready to take the next big step. I had Canon Digital Rebel XT in mind, but my budget was below the price range, so I "compromised" and bought a Nikon D50 kit (shown below; image is courtesy of Nikon USA), which included an 18-55mm Nikor lens - I also bought a Nikor 70-300mm lens.

Following Flash's latest [excellent] photo thread is not an easy thing to do, nor I wanted to post these photos right after his, but they were pilling up and I was planning this thread since last week. Anyway, I think that the long introduction made you wonder whether the new camera was worth it. For one, you've seen many of my latest photos (mostly construction updates), so you be the judge. However, I have a few more photos to show you. Sit back and enjoy (I hope) another boring photo tour by Raleigh-NC. A visit to the museum is always necessary, so lets begin from that area, also known as the Centennial Plaza.

Two sides of the same coin. Fayetteville Street to the West...

... and Fayetteville Street to the East (this view is about to change significantly):

We are a filthy place :runaway:

And sometimes "gritty":

UFO's above Raleigh skies:

300mm in action... well, the lens is capable, but I probably stayed around 250mm:

Now, here is the part that I think y'all will appreciate the most. Angles never seen before in this forum!!! If you made it this far, it will be your reward for staying awake :lol: Several of these photos may be a little redundant, but believe me, this is nothing when comparing to the actual number of photos I took from these roofs (Bath Bldg and [New] Education Bldg).

Another disgusting structure, courtesy of North Carolina's State Government :bash:

This is Quorum Center from 3 days ago; today almost the entire North and East sides have windows :yes:

Gotta love those 300mm lenses:

A bit of Glenwood South:

I think this is enough for now. I will definitely post some more photos, but not until I have something more interesting to share.
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Thanks for sharing! I'm just getting into urban photography, so I can understand getting used to a new camera.
The lights must be dim in the Wachovia Building, it looks so terrible at night. Progress energy 2 is FREAKIN BRIGHT at night tho.

The monuments and sculptures are one of things I like best about Raleigh. You captured some of everything in this thread. I always like to see different angles and this thread has that.
great pics, and congrats on the new camera. i'm begging for a D70 now (i'd settle for a D50 except i don't want to worry about getting SD cards to replace my CF card collection.) that or a coolpix 8800 (best prosumer camera?)

i'll have to pay Raleigh a visit in the coming months.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words. I have promised to myself to become more selective in the future. New angles, more interesting shots, and definitely take advantage of the sunny days. Above all, I MUST learn how to take advantage of all the features that digital SLR ;) I have a few photos from the Museum of Natural Sciences and I will share them with you after I upload them.

LSyd, make sure you let us know. Maybe we can get together for a combined photoshoot ;)
Great photos Raleigh. I wish I had your camera.
Nice thread! you really captured Raleigh's density.
Wow, these are fantastic pics!

Raleigh is looking better and better.

Thanks for sharing. :)
Can't thank y'all enough :)

@canine7: Even though you saw a lot of Raleigh during your recent visit, stay tuned for a couple of North and Central Raleigh threads. There is a lot of material, but I won't bore people with the same old crap. Of course, I need to get out there and take some quality photos :)
Raleigh-NC said:
Nice job. Do y'all ever wonder what was going through people's heads when they decided to do things like cover the entire upper floors of a building in metal roofing?
oresaw said:
Nice job. Do y'all ever wonder what was going through people's heads when they decided to do things like cover the entire upper floors of a building in metal roofing?

Plus, it looks great! :) I betcha, if they put lofts up there, they'd sell like hotcakes. I mean, think of the view!
Great pictures Ernest!
I really like the new camera...If I could only have that nice of a camera :(
Raleigh-NC said:

Love these pictures!
@oresaw: Only the word "ugly" comes to my mind when I see those ridiculous facades :bash: I truly hope to see these low-rises go... There is nothing historic or attractive in them, IMHO.

@ralex231: Thanks, Kip. The camera is ok, and so far I like it, but make no mistake, even the previous one was fine. So far I haven't done anything at all to make my D50 produce amazing photos, but dSLR's are about manual control, not automatic settings. Glad you liked the photos, though :)
cant wait for the threads about north and central raleigh
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