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Ramat Gan | Gruner VB | 35 FL | proposed

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Gruner VB
35 FL

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The pink building is iconic, could have moved this a bit to the left so it would remain visible. Maybe this is what the LPC will demand, i.e. to increase the public square. Although, knowing Ramat Gan, maybe not.
Knowing Ramat Gan, I would say the mayor will ask for a bigger "donation" in order to rush through the approval for this project :)
That's right across from my house. Don't know how they gonna pull this off since the lower building that according to the render they're going to demolish is owned by the Gruner pink tower itself.
That pink tower is ugly, why is it iconic? Its only 20 years old. Demolish that building and build a new one with a nice design instead
I'd say it is recognizable, not iconic. And not for a good reason.
Whats a good reason not to have that building demolished?
You mean the pink building?
First of all it is a highrise in itself and besides, I don't think its that old.
Yeh even its not old still its ugly asf :/ or at least renovated/change the facade with windows or something
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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