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Rambam tower in Haifa

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Rambam complex (hospital) for Haifa +tower 20 floors

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Yeah I like it very much!
Is there a heli-pad on that one.
Looks very nice.

Is it only for a hosptial or would there be a labs and university campus on it as well?
the Technion's dept. of medicine - school and research labs are located across it already ( look at the non-colored building at the area's illustration)

anyway, these are great news. :b:
The tower is called Adam Tower.
The tower construction is expected to start only in 2007-8, digging is for 6 floors underground I think, so it will take a year at least.
Minrav, the construction company was denied access to the site and the construction stopped.
The reason is that they are behind schedule and couldn't even provide a timeline for the project as required.
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