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Random shots of London

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Some more of London

Nothing too much exceptional, just snapshots from few places. The main reason why I didn't take more pictures - weather. It sucks when for the entire week it's sunny and dry and on the day you go to a photo tour it starts raining :bash:

Anyways here are pictures, taken about a week ago :)

Near Tower Hill tube station

Office buildings seen on the opposite bank of Thames (part of London Tower can be seen on left)

Does anybody know what building is this? Quite a big one

No need to introduce this one ;)

London Tower

Next to Fenchurch train station

This is what London City is all about

Tower 42... ugly (at least for me)

Canary Wharf tube station

Piccadilly Circus (sorry for the rain ;))

Piccadilly tube station on my way to my place

I've got some pictures of suburban London. if anybody's interested I might post those as well. :)
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My summer trip to London 2007

In august we went to London and it was amazing experience.:cool: Unfortunately I was there for only 3 days, so I couldn't saw all sights. The city is so huge and clean...impressive... Let pictures talk:

Piccadily circus:

Buckingham palace:

The Brithis museum (it's huge!):

The Wheel:

famous Big Ben and Houses of Parliament:

Tower of London:

Tower bridge:

Madame Tussands:

Westminister Abbey:

London bus:):



Modern London:

On the Gatwick airport:

Back in Slovenia:):
(Flight over Kranj)

Kako to da si letel s Heatrowa?...
Pomota... Hotel Sheraton smo mel pri Heatrowu, pa mi je ostal v spominu. Drgac, letel smo iz Gatwicka (bom popravu)...
vbkluht hvala ker si dopolnil thread še s svojimi slikami:)... sicer pa bom kmalu objavu še en thread s poletnimi slikami iz ZAE (Dubayy in Abu Dhabi).
1 - 3 of 131 Posts
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