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Some more of London

Nothing too much exceptional, just snapshots from few places. The main reason why I didn't take more pictures - weather. It sucks when for the entire week it's sunny and dry and on the day you go to a photo tour it starts raining :bash:

Anyways here are pictures, taken about a week ago :)

Near Tower Hill tube station

Office buildings seen on the opposite bank of Thames (part of London Tower can be seen on left)

Does anybody know what building is this? Quite a big one

No need to introduce this one ;)

London Tower

Next to Fenchurch train station

This is what London City is all about

Tower 42... ugly (at least for me)

Canary Wharf tube station

Piccadilly Circus (sorry for the rain ;))

Piccadilly tube station on my way to my place

I've got some pictures of suburban London. if anybody's interested I might post those as well. :)

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Sunny day in London's West End

A few pictures from Oxford Street and surrounding areas taken yesterday afternoon :)

Oxford Street, Centre point Tower far away

BT Tower

Back to Oxford Street

Traffic jam :|

Protesters protesting against war, violation of animals' rights and similar stuff :)

some more protesters with their funny posters :)


Weather was perfect and very warm, rich guys are taking their toys out of garages and go to the streets to show off :)

Near the Marble Arch

Some grandma holding "Peace news" paper

A bit further away from the Marble Arch, centre point Tower again can be seen in a distance

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That's a good question. I'm really not sure if native British form the majority in London. On the other hand London was always known as one of world's most multicultural cities so seeing so many foreigners is not a surprise. Thogh I don't like such manifests of "cultural identity". What if I'd start wearing traditional ancient Lithuanian outfit? :crazy:
People who are coming to other country should adapt and respect the society they live in instead of trying to go against it.

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Siberian said:
You're lucky, Jonas! It's so great to see such photos (street level) of my favourite city!!
Thanks! :eek:kay:
Thanks ;)
I indeed feel lucky to spend some time in such a wonderful city, it's gonna be a sad day as I'll be leaving. Though I'll be coming back again and again and maybe I'll stay one day :)

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My camera is the same old crappy 2Mpixel canon with 3x optical zoom, it really sucks but I can't afford a new cam right now (even if I could I'd find better occasions to spend the money e.g. making a trip to China or Thailand ;)).

And how do you feel seeing a woman all covered with a black scarf with only her eyes visible (these pics don't show anything like that but such views are common in London)? I personally find this a little unpleasant :|

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Thanks :)
London is indeed an awesome place. Indeed it must be THE best, most vibrant, diverse and lively place in Europe (even though I haven't been much elswhere :|). And you're right about the nonexistance of "uniformal" style. E.g. in the City of London you might see old historic buildings next to the funky modern ones, Swiss Re and other skyscrapers are not exceptions, they're standing in the middle of historic London's district. I'll make more photo tours if the weather will be ok. Oxford street is funky with it's shopping and crowds but in architectural terms it's not as interesting as some other places. And there are so many things to see that I'm just getting confused and can't decide where and what I should see first. I guess I'll try to make some kinda schedule and map of what, where and when I have to visit :|

Oberleutnant said:
Additional questio:
Is HSBC Tower as shagadelic in real-life as it looks in the pictures?
What exactly you mean by "shagadelic"? :|

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Kommandant Mark said:
Hey JOhn, so how expensive is London, in your opinion? Is the tube ticket price really 5 pounds, as I have heard somewhere? And how are you getting by? Have you checked the job market and such?
5 pounds is for a one day travelcard which can be used for all means of public transport for unlimited number of times i.e. tube, buses, trains, trams (there is a tramlink in Southern London) etc. So basically you can travel for the whole day wherever you want in London for 5 pounds. I think it's reasonable (though it's still expensive). This is especially useful for tourists, in one day you can get to many places just in minutes :).

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Perhaps you should ask this somebody who's more familiar with London than me because I'm staying here only for a few months ;)

But according to my point of view, you must see these things (well these are the best known landmarks and they DO kick ass regardless of how much hype they have caused and how popular they are ;)):

1. Houses of Parliament and surrounding stuff (Westminster Cathedral etc., some parks).
2. Trafalgar Square
3. Canary Wharf
4. Take a walk around London City (Swiss Re, London Tower etc.)
5. Take a walk around West End at night and go to some nice pubs or restaurants (it's extremely expensive but you just can get a few beers or cocktails what won't make you too poor anyway ;))
6. Go to Piccadilly Circus and surrounding areas (it's the West End as well)
7. Take a night walk around the pedestrian riverbank near the Tower Bridge.

And the rest 3 just pick by yourself. Buy a day travelcard for the public transport and use public transport for the whole day to get from one place to another (it doesn't take that long). For £5.20 you'll be able to travel all around London using tube, buses and trains. So just select your point of interest and get your ass to it (just as I did during my first days in London ;)).

P.S. You can easily do this in 2 days (or even 1 day if you're fast and won't mind being extremely exhausted by the end of day) :)

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Before I go to a more serious photo tour, here are some quite recent random photos taken in various places in central London

Oxford Street and centre Point tower seen from the entrance of Marble Arch tube station

Entrance of the underground tube station

A funky Chinese restaurant in Soho, a very nice and stylish place :cheers:

Trafalgar Square

Parliament towers

Getting closer

Going towards Vauxhall station and leaving the Parliament on the right

The next day, somewhere in West End

Oxford Street again

Oxford Circus

Few days later. Vauxhall Station and Eurostar train heading towards Waterloo station

Westminster underground tube station

Big Ben and other random shots around the Parliament

Westminster Abbey

Abbey towers, built only in the 18th century (if I'm not mistaken)

All for now :)

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London again

Very few pictures this time, just sorted some random shots from the last few weeks before going to Vilnius for my "holidays" :)

Tower Bridge

The pedestrian riverside walk next to City Hall, a nice place to walk in the evening and see skyline of the City

Something's going on near the City Hall, must be a further stage of the new development in this location

As the City appears from next to City Hall

City Hall (by N.Foster as almost every new funky project in London :))

Tower of London

Now a short glimpse at Canary Wharf, my favorite scraper of CW here - HSBC headquarters also known as 8 Canada Square

As seen from Greenwich

The Glorious Moscow Narodny Bank Limited :laugh:

Inside the Barbican Centre Hall, it was the last (out of 3) concerts of Herbie Hancock in May which I had pleasure to attend (too bad I didn't get tickets to other 2 :()

Near the Barbican hall (during the break)

City Point tower

The next day, somewhere in the departure section of Gatwick airport (I was about to leave to Vilnius)

from inside of the plane

Some spectacular views after taking off

that's how the suburbs in London (or most part of England for that matter) look like :)
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