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Random shots of London

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Some more of London

Nothing too much exceptional, just snapshots from few places. The main reason why I didn't take more pictures - weather. It sucks when for the entire week it's sunny and dry and on the day you go to a photo tour it starts raining :bash:

Anyways here are pictures, taken about a week ago :)

Near Tower Hill tube station

Office buildings seen on the opposite bank of Thames (part of London Tower can be seen on left)

Does anybody know what building is this? Quite a big one

No need to introduce this one ;)

London Tower

Next to Fenchurch train station

This is what London City is all about

Tower 42... ugly (at least for me)

Canary Wharf tube station

Piccadilly Circus (sorry for the rain ;))

Piccadilly tube station on my way to my place

I've got some pictures of suburban London. if anybody's interested I might post those as well. :)
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Sweet pics! London is looking really nice, and these pics really make me wish I stepped away from Heathrow for once :)
Very nice photos, I'd like tour London.
London again

Very few pictures this time, just sorted some random shots from the last few weeks before going to Vilnius for my "holidays" :)

Tower Bridge

The pedestrian riverside walk next to City Hall, a nice place to walk in the evening and see skyline of the City

Something's going on near the City Hall, must be a further stage of the new development in this location

As the City appears from next to City Hall

City Hall (by N.Foster as almost every new funky project in London :))

Tower of London

Now a short glimpse at Canary Wharf, my favorite scraper of CW here - HSBC headquarters also known as 8 Canada Square

As seen from Greenwich

The Glorious Moscow Narodny Bank Limited :laugh:

Inside the Barbican Centre Hall, it was the last (out of 3) concerts of Herbie Hancock in May which I had pleasure to attend (too bad I didn't get tickets to other 2 :()

Near the Barbican hall (during the break)

City Point tower

The next day, somewhere in the departure section of Gatwick airport (I was about to leave to Vilnius)

from inside of the plane

Some spectacular views after taking off

that's how the suburbs in London (or most part of England for that matter) look like :)
I see swastikas on The Glorious Moscow Narodny Bank Limited. Great pics :eek:kay:
LOL really, I didn't notice that! That's a little strange to see such ornaments, they really resemble swastikas.
They look exactly like swastikas, not really resembling but specifically made to be swastikas. Maybe it's pre war building and the symbols weren't associated with nazis yet.

And I'm not sure why, but "new" London doesn't impress me much, maybe because I'm in New-York right now :) it seems like Boston or something. Whereas the "old" London is truly magnificent!
Wow, how much changed in London since I was there in 1996!:)
Great images John, how s life in London now ? :)
Lovely London :) Im truly lovin it :) Thanks for your photos!
It's not ment to be like times square though.
Singidunum said:
wonderful! thanks.

post the other photos as well.

street scenes like this are more then welcome :)

times square is much better ;) the building they covered is nicer then ads themsefles :D
Photochroms of Bosnia and Hercegovina

Some photochroms and paintings of Bosnia and Hercegovina.... :)

Very beautiful, thanks for sharing:)
Balkanic romanticism... :)
Thanx for the great pics.

^^^^^Grrrrr done :D

Looks like there's a Visegrad in Hungary too.

Very beautiful and timeless pics.

Jebes zeljmu koja piramide nema.
>>>>>>>>>>Discover Bosnia 2005<<<<<<<<<<<<

Please enjoy some of the breathtaking photos from my new Norweigan friend during his recent summer visit to Bosnia [Federation and Serb Republic].

""The sheer beauty of this land is ovewhelming"-he said... "and yet, so little people know about it."

Sutjeska National Park: Expedition 2005

Rafting on Tara: Expedition 2005

Bihac, Kulen Vakuf, Martin Brod: Expedition 2005

-More to come soon......;)
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