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Rangey McRangeface

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Sign the petition to name the new viaduct in the new 2nd range crossing outside Toowoomba 'Rangey McRangeface'

94 signatures already! Omg it's massive.

maybe this thread can be merged with the other thread in time... but can mods leave it seperate for a little bit to get a few votes in pls? :)

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context - > (it's a worldwide movement)

Trainy McTrainface: New train in Sweden named as 'revenge for Boaty McBoatface'

An express train running between two major Swedish cities will be named Trainy McTrainface, after the railway company opened up the name to a public vote.

MTR Express, with Swedish newspaper Metro, opened up a poll to name four new trains running between the capital Stockholm and Gothenburg on the country's west coast.

Trainy McTrainface, which received 49 per cent of the vote, was the most popular name.

Two other trains will be called Estelle — named after the 5-year-old princess of Sweden, and Glenn — a popular name in Gothenburg. The fourth will be named by a staff member, the company said.

The unsuccessful names were Hakan, Miriam and Poseidon.

PHOTO: Britain turned to the public to name its new research vessel in 2016. (Supplied)

The name was inspired by Boaty McBoatface — the moniker chosen by the public to a British research vessel which was eventually shafted in favour of RRS Sir David Attenborough.

"We like this name as we think that Boaty McBoatface from UK kind of got his revenge now by his cousin Trainy McTrainface winning this poll," a spokesperson told the ABC.
The name Boaty McBoatface was instead given to a remotely operated submarine aboard the polar research ship.

While the United Kingdom's Natural Environment Research Council may have regretted opening their naming poll to the public, MTR Express said they would be sticking with the people's choice.

Trainy McTrainface will be named at official celebrations in Gothenburg and Stockholm in upcoming months, along with the other trains.

The naming will be "received with joy by many, not only with Sweden", MTR Express said.
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In true Australian fashion it should be called The Big Duct.
This would be good for tourism
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Yes, but make it a yearly re-naming competition. To encourage some creativity :)
Rangey would be wrong because it is a viaduct and not a mountain range.

Therefore, to be consistent, it should be called BridgyMcBridgeface or DuctyMcDuckface or CrossingeyMcCrossface

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Vulv McVulvFace
100 votes :D
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