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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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I am interested to know what is the bus fare for Rapid KL buses when using Touch n Go compared to single daily trip ticket? Is there any difference in fare?
The shows that was on air in the TV are not bad, from what i can see, there is...

- "MacBreak"
- Funny advertisements
- Rapid KL Info

I would like to see there's inclusion of short news update in that TV...
These buses should have been NGV earlier and Petronas should provide more NGV stations drastically, because buses that waiting at bus hubs sometimes always keep running idle and producing black fumes.....

Source :

Public Transport Commission Proposed

KUALA LUMPUR, May 28 (Bernama) -- The Cabinet Committee on Public Transportation (JKMPA) Wednesday suggested the setting up of a national level Public Transport Commission to ensure more effective supervision and monitoring of the country's public transportation service.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who chaired the committee meeting Wednesday, said the proposal would be fine-tuned further in all aspects at the next JKMPA meeting scheduled to be held in two months.

The single commission is being proposed as currently there are 13 ministries and agencies involved in the issuance of licenses, planning, supervision and enforcement, he said.

"The JKMPA feels that under such a fragmented situation, it is only proper that we focus on a single authority so that the supervision and development of the public transportation system can be carried out in a more coordinated and effective manner throughout the country," Najib said after chairing the meeting at the Parliament here Wednesday.

Najib said the proposal of JKMPA will be taken to the Cabinet level for approval after all aspects of the proposal is looked into at the next JKMPA meeting.

Najib said the meeting also decided to make some adjustments on the price of ticket for the Rapid KL (Rangkaian Pengangkutan Integrasi Deras Sdn Bhd).

He said the move on Rapid KL was taken as the price of the ticket was subsidised by the government.

JKMPA has also taken into consideration the problems faced by bus companies, especially in the Federal Territory in connection with Rapid KL, he said.

"Therefore JKMPA has decided that Rapid KL will not charge the subsidised rate, in short they will not be competing with other private bus companies on an unequal footing.

"This measure will be taken immediately and at the same time we will be studying Rapid KL's role on whether it can complement the other local transportation companies," he said.

Asked on whether there will be a rise in the price of the Rapid KL ticket following the government's move, Najib said: "There will be slight adjustment, it will not be fair for us to use the money from tax payers to subsidise Rapid KL....We will make an announcement soon."

He said the measure was also part of the government's move to streamline its subsidy policy.

Najib said the government will study the matter carefully so that it does not burden consumers.

"The principle we will use is if the transportation system is used by those from the higher and middle income category, we may not control but we will liberalise it and fix a minimum price for the ticket.

"For those from the lower income group using the transport system, we will control directly," he said.

RapidKL is the operator of the main public transportation system in the Klang Valley, providing its services through an integrated network of railway and bus systems.

Besides operating a network of 161 bus routes, the company also operates the Kelana Jaya Monorail (previously known as PUTRA) and the Ampang Monorail (previously known as STAR).

A total of four million commuters use the company's integrated transportation system weekly, travelling via its network of 908 buses and 48 railway stations everyday.

Personally, i hope the all day pass on their bus still prevails after this...

After the fare restructuring, do you know if the all-day bus ticket still being sold and does the Touch n Go transactions still conducted after the fare restructuring?

A video from The Edge website, dated 12/6...

The side profile of the refurbished bus looks like from Iveco and the video does show Scomi Sutra running on track as well...
My observation of a Rapid KL bus...

Edgy looking front windscreen and the LED destination sign, looks different in shape too...
When i observe the front of the bus closely, i think it looks like the LED sign and the windscreen has just been changed...
Source :

Cabinet agrees to new fare structure for RapidKL

PUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has agreed that RapidKL implement a fare for stage buses according to zones as stipulated in the Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (Rates of Fares) 2000.

Board chairman Datuk Markiman Kobiran said that this was to replace the current system of tickets lasting a whole day for many trips.

RapidKL has been told to make the needful arrangements immediately and to notify the public on the implementation date soon, he said.
Today's photo...

This digital countdown timer in KL Sentral looks good, I think it should be installed in all bus stops possible (maybe there is a risk of being stolen), so that commuter have an idea when the bus will arrive....Rapid Penang system included!
I have no idea, because i never take Rapid KL bus from KL Sentral, but...only in this countdown panel, you can see the word 'Tiba' or not (as you can see in that photo, the word tiba only appeared on the first two of the four LED panels), whereas the other digital countdown timers, which are mounted on the side of pillars, generally got bus number, destination name, timer while the bus spot still empty....

I have no idea whether or not a commuter able to take bus from KL Sentral, but there are people waiting there and several buses parked there too....
^^ Eh can u explain waht this digital timetable all abt ? :banana: Departing time or Arrival time :?

Mana boleh naik bas dalam Sentral lagi ?? Kan kena lintas ke Monorail kalau nak naik bas ke Shah Alam/Subang /Klang ??
Haha, now you know the problem, well....when i was waiting at KL Sentral for U82, not only it took me about 40 minutes for a bus, the worse things, at night it is quite dark only bright orange streetlight lit that area, and no seats for commuters to wait!
Kalau saya tak cuba ...kan lagi tak tahu... they need more frequency... the bus is OK but should realize of services for rapid taking a bus as its name!

P.S. KL bus stop in urban area is poor looking! Can't believe it's KL!!!
If you are in Carrefour Subang Jaya, why not take KTM Komuter?

Sure, there is a possibility of delay, but being on Sentul-Port Klang line, it is not a major issue compared to Rawang-Seremban line, at least once your train arrived, you will know that you will be in KL Sentral for sure, unlike some Rapid bus, like you said, rest until people waited for almost half an hour or more...
yang pelik lagi semasa balik dari Sunway lagoon to KL sentral pula...saya naik U76 ...bila sampai Carefour Pasar Raya Besar through its route... pemandu kereta suruh turun kat bus stop di hadapan Carefour (ada 3 orang dalam kereta incd me)...lepas tu saya tengok dia turun minum coffe starbuck di kawasan tu.....ingat dia nak pulang...tapi tak...tapi kamu orang tahu tak orang makin ramai datang tunggu nak naik bus saya buat putusan naik bus U67 (saya tengok ada destinasi ke KL Sentral juga) pulang ke KL Sentral (nasib baik lah ada bus datang..itu pun saya kena tunggu selama 50 minit)...sakit hati lah tunggu mamat tu SIGH! :eek:hno:

Looks efficient although it also looks chaotic....

If not for the irregular and not punctual bus departure or arrival.....Rapid KL bus is a step ahead with proper route, map and no conductor...
Today's photo

Refurbished Iveco bus



Useless unless if someobdy fix the link between the monorail station and KL Sentral.................and also Bukit Nanas monorail station to Dang Wangi LRT station..........

Another problem that need to be solved....

-Monorail car length, currently is only 2 cars........those units should be extended to 4 cars, because during peak hours, the monorail cars can be very packed......

- Long queues, especially Bukit Bintang station, they should install ticket vending machines to solve that problem...
bad or good news???so the KL monorail will be renamed as RapidKL monorail??or titiwangsa line???hehehe:lol::lol::nuts:
Nothing related with maintenance, if they can increase the capacity, you can got more passengers...

More passengers = higher revenue

Simple as that :)
mmmmmm...what about the cost by adding the current 2 cars to 4 cars??mantainence??:gossip::grouphug:
The government can study two methods of privatisation...

- Japanese style privatisation
- European mandated privatisation
Recently, the Ministry of Transport announced that it would push ahead with breaking down KTMB into different companies, namely asset owners (owning the tracks and trains and stations and workshops) and operators (to operate the trains and stations). This would be a continuation of the stalled corporatization (and eventual privatization) plans for KTMB. The Minister of Transport mentioned from Italy that it might be useful to bring in competitors for KTMB. Presumably the presence of more competition would lead to improved service.
RapidPass with TnG function, is a light blue coloured card, if not mistaken.

Anyway, if our country does move to EURO 4 standard diesel in 2011, maybe by then, our buses will be better.
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