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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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i wonder for how long the seat could survive her beauty
RapidKL bus also got fan club ah...?this is funny. i tot only Malayan Railways got a fan club...:rofl:
what an unwelcomed negative minded! :eek:hno:

if you have nothing better to say......plz...
The interval getting worst!! Malaysia never have a good public transport system or company
you just WENT to those countries, but i STAYED in Japan for more than 4 years!

are are comparing developing nation with developed's...what da h...

prasarana don't have enough coachers to cater all the be patience!!!!!!!!

this not negative minded...i juz tell the the daily i know the facts...if cant accept people criticize/comment for improvement.

I went to HK and TW before, and there are better than Malaysia public transports 100%!!!

The rapid LRT interval should be shorten to 1 minute when peak hours like 7pm - 9pm. However currently is about 2mins...and make the station peak like hell...except some stations with super low population density.
actually for a 1 day ticket, charges on LRT and RapidKL buses are counted LRT trip.

as long they don't charge you even 1 cents more...that's consider GOOD!
Metrobus is a scar to Kuala Lumpur, their inefficiency, unpunctuality and empolying foreign workers who has no licences to operate those buses are the real problem for their financial record!

this is what happen if government let UMNO leaders to run a bus company (Metrobus) via proxy!!
it's an Ali Baba business...i've told you already what!

even DBKL also got headache dealing with them...:eek:hno:
metrobus bukan co chinese punya ke? rapidkl yeap suku sakat BN!
oh yeah....i hate that black fume!! as you can see, some very old buses of Leng Seng and Selangor Omnibus running on KL city street like we are a very 3rd world country!

seriously government seems doesn't interested solving those....don't this Ketua Pengarah ever heard of green buses?
These buses should have been NGV earlier and Petronas should provide more NGV stations drastically, because buses that waiting at bus hubs sometimes always keep running idle and producing black fumes.....
a National Commission...that's what we are waiting for! such a very promising news :eek:kay:
Latest news:

Government to create national public transportation commission to streamline the organization, regulation, and oversight of public transportation in Malaysia.

Also in the news...subsidies given to RapidKL will be withdrawn immediately

Cheers, m
dont you think the loss due to underpriced ticket? RM2 for whole day trip is too low.....yeah, it is good for the rakyat, but rakyat must consider the operation cost too.
Mr Muaz, one question i wanna ask. why RapidKL coaches doesn't use NGV? bus operators i believe is the main contributor of air pollution from vehicles. does government has any policy or roadmap on that? the black fumes are such annoying.

thank you.
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