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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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They replaced the old rapidKL bus that they leased with a new yellow aircon coach.

The aircon is great, but the bus takes longer to load and unload, which is why they moved the pickup point across the LDP from the Kelana Jaya bus station.

Also, since there is only one coach, the service is now every 1.5 hours, not every hour as before.

On the other hand, if you want to go to 1 Utama, you can take the free shuttle from Kelana Jaya or catch the rapidKL T43 bus from across the LDP. It should come every 10 minutes.

Cheers, m
Great work travellator :cheers: on me.

It wasnt until I rode the City Shuttle that I realized that the city centre of KL is relatively compact and easy to navigate. The city shuttle is a Godsend.

Cheers, m
Do you have a link or source for the article? Id like to see the full page.

I have noticed the TnG readers on many of the newer rapidKL buses...but the system sounds like it may be confusing.

I dunno about the Rm25 per month travel would that be possible or even affordable for the company....

As for ideas of maxing out your TnG card at RM4 per day (or RM7 if you board the LRT) that seems like a pretty complicated piece of software.

As for SPNB and the planned routes...well, I do hope that they can be bothered to inform the public about their plans sometime soon....since I can bet that most if not all of the planners actually dont use public transit...they might need to get some info about what it is really like....before they start rolling things out.

Cheers, m
Single bus and LRT ticket by year end:)


COMMUTERS in the Klang Valley may get to use a common ticket to travel around by bus and light rail transit by the end of the year.

Right now the Touch n go readers on RapidKL buses are not being used, but there is a plan to have a new touch n go service on buses for the new year.

Im just curious...did you see a yellow reader or a black reader?

One tiny problem I have with the readers is that the screen so hard to see...

As for the buses...RapidKL has bought many dozens of buses from two Chinese companies, DongFeng and AnYuan.

These new Chinese buses are being used on most of the RapidKL routes. You can tell the difference by looking at the paint colour...the new buses are beige and the old ones are white.

The new buses are more modern and definitely cleaner than the older RapidKL buses--usually HICOM or IVECO (Fiat)--and Putraline buses--Daimlers or Dennis Darts--but Im surprised that the Wangsa Maju area hasnt got the new buses.

Your observations about the LRT line and coaches are spot on...a huge disappointment...poor maintenance is the issue.

As for the drivers stopping in the wrong spot...disappointing. Please email Mr. Mok Yoke Wah, Customer Relationship Management, at [email protected] to let him know the can also email to [email protected].

Cheers, m
That's what I thought at first too....but so far I have seen 6 different types of "new" buses for RapidKL.

The first City Shuttle buses had an MTrans logo on them to the side of the frong of the bus...but in the centre of the front of the bus is another round logo (resembles an oval with a leaf inside)

I found out this is the logo of DongFeng company...

Ive seen the pictures of the ceremonies when these companies handed over the buses to RapidKL...on their websites

The 2nd type (appearing in March 06 with the expansion to area 2) is also (I believe) a Dong Feng product. It resembles the first city shuttle but with a different headlight design and narrower doors and it has stairs. The 3rd type is a bus that is very similar to the IVECO buses (or the HICOM copy) with a square, tall body. This bus appeared in July 06. The 4th type of bus is also a Dong Feng low floor product with the brand name Higer, and the 5th type of bus is another low floor bus by AnYuan Bus Company, with the brand name AYVIP.

I havent had a close look at the 6th type yet, I only noticed in a week ago.

If anyone is interested in this, try to id the buses as they pass you by...I do this when Im stuck in the jam :p

If some more photos can be posted here, we could try to id the 6 types of buses.

Cheers, m
but just for ur info, the buses are made by MTrans..don't belove, go near it and you will see Mtrans logo around the bus
Changes to RapidKL bus services April 21 2007 ???

Interesting changes are afoot for rapidKL. There are plans to interline some of the Bas Utama and Bas Tempatan Routes to allow for less transfers.

Changes to Area 2 (Kepong and Segambut) and Area 4 (Cheras) have been announced....when will the meeting be for Subang Jaya, I wonder.

Rapid KL tweaks Bandar Tun Razak routes

New Rapid KL routes for Kepong and Segambut folk

According to the content of the first article, rapidKL is making significant changes in the BTR and Cheras bus services.

According to the second article, similar streamlining is taking place in Kepong and Segambut.

To summarize the changes

First, buses will now have a letter in front of the route # to explain what type of service is being offered.

(technically, the numbers were supposed to do this e.g. 1XX is city shuttle and 5XX is area 5 shuttle...but I guess it wasnt enough).

The new codes will be

TXXX for bas tempatan (local shuttle)
UXX for bas utama (trunk buses)
BXXX for bas bandar (city shuttles)

The main thing here is that the TXX routes (like T63) will now become UXX (so does this mean route U63?).

Side Note:

I wonder why rapidKL likes this idea but my suggestion of using K (e.g. 521K) and L (623L) to designate feeder buses going to Komuter and LRT stations was rejected....

I suppose that if both ideas were accepted, 623 will become T623L :p

Another feature of the new plan is that the trunk buses will now pass through the LRT/City Shuttle hub at Maluri LRT station and continue on to Jalan Bukit Bintang. The purpose is to allow reduced numbers of transfers and, I suppose, encourage more users.

I suppose that this will mean two different types of buses (BXXX city shuttles and UXX trunk buses) running the same routes inside KL....

It also means that rapidKL is paying attention to the feedback and questioning of their bus system...with the trunk buses operating this new way...there is a connection to LRT (Maluri), monorail (Bukit Bintang) and a major part of the city centre (Bukit Bintang)...and this is good...

Less transfers is also a good thing...alot more direct service into the city and direct connections with the trunk/utama in the works...along with new trunk/utama lines and shuttle/tempatan routes.

Ok, keep an eye out on April 21 and see what happens
The latest batch of RapidKL buses (not the accessible ones) have a very interesting look to them...

the front pillars are very narrow and there is glass inside (like the older DRB buses) to allow for better visibility...

the design ... is very smooth and sleek, even better than the AnYuan VIP bus that is being used on some routes.

I saw this bus along the Federal Highway, couldnt make out the route tho...will go to KL Sentral and see if I can find it...

oh, and fyi, one great thing about this bus is that it has an LED signage on the back of the bus, to show the bus route number....

and fyi 2, rapidKL will be retrofitting all buses to have LED signage on the back to show the route number

and fyi 3, I spoke to the GM for product promotion (yeah, they have one) and suggested that rapidKL put all info about the buses (photos, company of origin, features) onto their website and generate some interest...maybe a RapidKL bus fans club will form....

Cheers, m
taken from
The inside view of the new disabled friendly Rapid KL bus - taken this morning

klbloke, do you have a source on this, Id like to find it.

To hear these is somewhat disappointing...he wants to challenge their claims because the group tried out the buses on their own...without consulting rapidKL...

that is the whole point...that is their try to live independently without having their hands being try to reduce barriers...and gain access to things that everyone else takes for granted....

rapidKL, c'mon, do it properly...dont bring accessible buses online and then challeng the disabled patrons for trying to use the buses....

Cheers, m
On RapidKL buses having failed "disabled-friendly" tests carried out by the Independent Living and Training Centre, Ali said the findings could be challenged as the company was left out of the tests.

He said the service would only be available in June.

He said RapidKL had consulted various associations representing the disabled to find a good system suitable for the handicapped.
would also be necessary to make sure that bus bays are clear so that accessible buses can come to the kerb.

So rapidKL should put up the wheelchair sign at all bus stops using where the accessible buses will stop. There should also be a serious fine for blocking the bus bay...and enforcement by CCTV cameras.

Cheers, m
rapidKL, c'mon, do it properly...dont bring accessible buses online and then challeng the disabled patrons for trying to use the buses....

Cheers, m
article including photos about the new long haul rapidKL buses....

New buses introduced to make it easier on commuters

[email protected]

TO further promote comfortable commuting, Rapid KL has introduced a fleet of new long haul buses to serve different routes in the Klang Valley.

There are currently 39 of these buses and the numbers are expected to increase to 150 by the middle of this month.

Eighteen of these buses have been allocated for the express lines – E1 from Putrajaya Sentral to Pasar Seni, E2 from Terminal Kajang to Pasar Seni and E4 from Klang to Pasar Seni.

New fleet: Currently, 39 of the new buses have been introduced with more expected soon.
“All three routes have minimal stops. With the new buses, customers can travel in comfort,” said Rapid KL chief operating officer Mohd Ali Mohd Nor.

“We are also putting these buses on selected trunk routes. These routes have become longer and journey time has also increased,” he explained.

The buses has have a seating capacity of can seat 39 passengers and carry 20 standing passengers at one time. The express routes E1, E2, and E4 are now priced at RM 3 one way and the all day unlimited ride ticket is now RM 5.

“We are introducing single journey tickets for the express route to provide flexibility to customers.

“With the express service made available at 30-minute intervals and the new features of the buses, we believe customers would benefit as these buses provide maximum comfort and value for money.”

For more information of the express service, call the help line at 03-7625 6999.

Cheers, m
Images of the Chinese buses being used by RapidKL

Dong Feng DHZ6120RC2 (the first batch, appeared in Jan. 2006)

taken from:

King Long (Higer) S90B City bus (the 3rd batch, appeared in Sept. 2006)

taken from:

An Yuan VIP bus (the 4th batch, appeared in Oct. 2006)

taken from:

I dont have images of the other (2nd, 5th, 6th) batches of buses in RapidKL livery, but Im sure that they can be found easily enough.

If you check out the following page, I think you can see some of the buses. For example, the bus on the bottom right of the page (model # JS6120G1H) looks very much like the latest rapidKL long haul buses (7th batch). The bus on the bottom left (model # DHZ6120RC2) is the first RapidKL city shuttle bus. At the top right you can see the 3rd batch of buses from King Long (Higer), (model #KLQ6110G, appeared Sept 2006) and the bus beside it looks like the 5th batch of buses (model # MD6100LDH).

*I believe that the 6th batch would be the disabled buses and the 7th would be the long haul buses but of course, rapidKL would have to confirm that.

So far

1st batch appeared in January 2006
2nd batch appeared in March 2006
3rd batch appeared in August-Sept. 2006
4th batch appeared in October 2006
5th batch appeared in January 2007
6th batch appeared in March 2007
7th batch appeared in April 2007

Cheers, m
I was thinking the same thing...I recall a series of posters from the Toronto Transit Commission...they took the uniquely designed seats from the train (see and placed a two seat bench (looking like the image below)

in various situations...a boat, a home theatre/movie room, a university lecture hall...

The idea was that by using the TTC, you could save enough money to buy all of these purchasing a TTC pass at CAD$100/month for 1 year you could save CAD 3500 as compared to the cost of parking......

And that is assuming an annual cost to operate a car of about CAD 8400 including fuel, maintanance, etc.

a one month RapidKL bus and LRT pass is RM125 so for 1 year it would cost 1500....

How much do you think it costs to operate a car in Malaysia? Factor in the cost of purchase (at least 12 months salary) and the cost of fuel (almost RM2/L) and the cost of tolls and maintenance....

yes, these ads would be nice to see...I sure have saved a bundle of money by not investing in a car and using public transit...and I have spent much of that money in other places...restaurants, movies, shopping, travel...

Cheers, m
Adelaide Metro made an ad showing a women who uses the Adelaide metro living in a bungalow :lol: show that taking public transport is cheap and saves alot of $$$. According to the ad,an Australian could save an average $9000/year taking public transport...but cars here especially second hand are cheap and could actually be cheaper than taking the bus if travel around alot.

But such ad could work here in KL,considering that buying a car is like buying a house and the all day tickets wayyyyyy cheaper.Should suggest this to RapidKL marketing division.
Canada's CNIB has developed a "bus hailing kit" for the disabled that is available f o c.

most transport operators have information about accessible travel....

No reason why RapidKL and RapidPenang (and all others) could not do the same.

Cheers, m
Quote from regarding a journey planner for RapidKL buses....

I see that iMetro have now updated the RapidKL City Bus (Bxxx) routes. Though, they still have the old RapidKL trunk line Txx routes.

You can directly access the KualaLumpur iMetro route database using this url, .

From that page, try selecting only the bus lines, and key in "USJ 8" (select it) in the Departure box, and key in "KLCC" (select "Jalan P.Ramlee - Suria KLCC") and see what bus routes it suggest. It'll suggest you the "Shortest route" and the "Fewest connections route". Except that now iMetro needs updating of RapidKL trunk, express and local bus routes

Someone asked about the manufacturer of the accessible appears to be......

a Volvo....

at least, that is what I saw on the manufacturer's plate inside the door...

didnt see the details, but Ill try to find the model number.

I dont know if it is just a Volvo Chassis or a complete bus...will see what I can dig up.

Cheers, m
that's the one...actually, I think I missed one type of bus...the square one that looks much like the old HICOM buses...

so that means there are actually 8 different types of new buses.

Cheers, m
4th batch is this? Pic taken Jan 2007.

An Yuan VIP bus is a pretty nice bus, but smaller in comparison to the others...great for short length feeder bus services...not so great for long distance highway services...

Cheers, m
^^ That bus made in China too?

I really like the color scheme of the RapidKL buses. Its nice to look at.
Im sort of wrong on the "batch" because there is actually another type that appeared at the same time as the "3rd batch" buses...but anways, yeah, this is the "5th batch" as I identified them.

5th batch?
7th batch: Mercedes-Benz
Seriously? Mercedez Benz...very cool...actually, I saw this bus a few times on the street...the cross section and the streamlining makes it look very different from every other bus Ive seen...from the side it looks much like a express coach...or an LRT carriage...but from a frontal angle it looks like a minibus

someone described the face as "like some sort of robot" on another skyscrapercity thread...I see it as a "darth vader/stormtrooper" image.

Thanks for the pictures, they are pretty nice

Here is another article about the disabled buses...

I dunno if it is just me but the Star needs to check their writing on Transportation....a lot of terminology and factual errors seem to show up often in their writing...

phrases like "newly modified" and "modified for access" and "speedy installation of these buses" are inaccurate...and the tone of this very biased as well...

One interesting point...the ramp has to be unfolded manually by the driver....

Cheers, m
an excuse to ride the buses now :p

Cheers, m
i wonder for how long the seat could survive her beauty
yes, thats true...

actually, I rode the bus this wednesday, and the seats are already starting to show some minor wear....nothing much...but you know, "leather" requires cleaning...regularly....

should have chosen a darker colour....

Cheers, m
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