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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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I have abit of a problem with this...why should Rapid get the chance to operate the new service? Why not open the tender and see if the other companies like Cityliner (KTB) want to operate it...

Cheers, m
i believe rapidBET is just on trial operation since the 'real' BRT will only operated 2011/2012. so for trial there's no need to delay the time by making fussy 'open tender' as it may delay for at least 6 months to get started....
the 'real' BRT is like what Bangkok is making now....

...........when can we have this?
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PAC kena siasat! kes bas sengaja tersadai ni adalah kes sabotaj paling teruk yang tidak boleh tolak ansur!!

kalau kroni abdullah nak perang dgn kroni mahathir pun...janganlah sampai jahanamkan wang rakyat!!
1 - 3 of 591 Posts
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