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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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In Adelaide, they have the free bus service which circulate through the city centre and passing through tourist attractions. The frequqncy of the buses are very good and they even have TVs inside featuring Adelaide's history and a funky music promoting the Adelaide Metro(Get up and Go!!!). I hope Rapid KL could adopt this idea, with free buses travelling through BB Walk, KLCC, KL Tower, etc.
Since KL has new buses, it's also time to have comprehensive bus stops. Putting a simple sign post which state which bus to take to go where would be just enuff.

I hope Rapid KL also introdce a new ticket system for the LRTs, where the tickets could still be used for 2 hours after being firstly validated.
A complain I retrieved from Starblog, it seems our buse drivers still retain their bad habits despite new buses and new coats of paint on their buses :bash:

I agree with Selvandran that bus drivers in Malaysia tend to wait until 30 minutes for the bus to get full, it makes me mad when they do that. The Putraline feeder bus drivers always do that in Wangsa Maju....!

Not So Rapid After All- RAPIDKL - Day 2
Posted by: selvandaran

Day 2: The trouble with RapidKL

Hoping for the best but we Malaysian are always served with less then average service, I know this less then average service best describes RapidKL. Without any choice, since I got the Monthly Travel Card, I had to wait for the RapidKL bus. At KLCC waiting for the 114 bus for almost 30 minutes (so much for the advertised 5 minute intervals), the worst thing was another 114 was tailing the 1st one, makes me there any planning done to ensure the smooth flow of bus. Then I reached Maluri and from there boarded another bus to Leisure Mall- Tmn Segar. While in Tmn Segar bus station I waited for about 15 minutes and at last the bus came and I gladly boarded that bus hoping to reach home in about 10-15 minute but to my dismay.... the driver park the bus there and went for a walk, came back after 10 minute and just waited for more people to board the bus, all in all it took us 20 minute just waiting, while all the previous Metrobus and SJ bus was passing by. How I wish I didn't take the Monthly Travel Card...

That was yesterday, again hoping that the RapidKL service will be better this morning... again disappointed... I had to wait from 5.50am to 6.50am - THAT IS ONE HOUR, but the advertised interval in 15 minutes, not sure what translation that the folks in RapidKL is using that 15 minutes could some how mean 1 hour to them. Well I thought that the RapidKL bus service is suppose to start at 6am but now it seem to start at 7.00am... another amazing discovery is, now RapidKL drivers can park their bus and wait... their reason not mush passenger in the bus, this waiting can last up to 30 minutes. So this morning all my schedule got ruin, I start work at 7am but reached my office at about 8.00am.... can you imagine it took me 2 hours to reach my office and I'm not staying in Seremban. One whole hour wasted.... so much for productivity.... if everyday I waste one hour multiply by 20 days, equals to 20 hour per month that is only for one person, imagine if this happens for 1000 individual (1000 x 20= 20,000hours per month = such a waste of productivity) and without including all the stress.

I hope that the goverment will take mesure to ensure that a company that is own by the goverment is providing good quality service, no point if there's new buses and the service is bad.

There's plan for each housing area to form a club/ association, so that we could voice out our grudges and take action if the situation becomes worst.

Metrobus and SJ bus, if I may suggest, please come out with your own Monthly travel card and some value-added initiatives.

Personally, it would have been better for the government to just invest in the current bus companies rather then having it's own public transportation company. People would have so much happier if the efficiency of the previous Intrakota and Cityliner and the current Metrobus and SJ bus could have been enhance. Again RapidKL you are not so Rapid after all... wanna change name... how about Not-So-Rapid. Just the thought of tomorrow morning makes me sigh and tired... how much I dread the thought of waiting for the RapidKL bus. One thing for sure I'm not going to get the Monthly Travel Card anymore. Please do something about this....
(This blogger have posts about RapidKL service, all of them bad, I gather the city-suburb bus service is bad)
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Just wanna make short report on the Rapid KL feeder service in Wangsa Maju.I used the feeder bus servive and the Kelana Jaya Line for a short visit to KLCC for the first time since returning from OZ last Monday.

Firstly,the bus stop.Rapid KL has finally placed a rudimentary information post with rudimentary information about the bus routes.The post was not helpful coz since it's printed,the rain I believe damaged the information sheet,Rapid KL should printed the routes on plastic sheets or at least laminate the printed bus route info sheet.Anyway,I waited for exactly 10 minutes and the bus came.The feeder bus seems to be the old city buses and probably transferred to the local bus services.Anyway,the bus was a bit better than the dilapidated Putraline buses.The Touch n Go reader,disappointingly,was damaged and I had to buy the manual ticket.The local bus ticket could be used until midnight,and only costs RM1,I like this new ticketing system.What I really dislike about the feeder bus is that the driver stops the bus in the middle of the oad rather than park close to the bus stop,being used to Adelaide's excellent bus drivers attitude,this attitute of the Malaysian bus driver disgust me.

Second Kelana Jaya Line Wangsa Maju station.The stations seems OK,abit dirty with signs of tear and wear very evident.The Wangsa Maju station is among the most utilized station in KL.3 of the ticket machines were out of service while the remaining ones would not accept paper money.Tried to reload my touch n go but the service was OFF LINE,I know this coz the person behind the counter just geleng her head rather than speak to me,hmm...did not know Rapid KL hire mute personnel :bash: .

Thirdly,on the LRT. The first thing I notice boarding the LRT was the extremely dilapidated condition of the LRT floors whic were flaking and peeling.It was an eyesore and I keep looking at the floor with disgust.The aircond were also dripping with condensed water and trickled on me.

Fourthly,the KLCC station. The lights were strangely dimmed.Perhaps I noticed this coz I am used to the brightly lit metro stations in Adelaide.I felt really uncomfortable in the dim light. The escalator was very slow,people crowded at the foot of the escalator.Meanwhile,the rubbish bins in the station were so dirty and stained with black marks,they were a real ayesore.When I returned to the station,I face the same problem when trying to use the ticketing machines.There were a couple of Mat Salleh who tried unsuccessfuly to buy a ticket from these machines,they looked frustrayed and eventually joined the long queue for the manual ticket.I was lucky to have enough change.

Fifthly,back at the Wangsa Maju station.The feeder bus fortunately just arrived and I managed to get a swift ride back to section 5 Wangsa Maju.I believed I rode a different bus than the first bus,this bus seems more noisy and I can smell petrol inside the bus.I got an astmatic attack for the first time in several months in that bus!!!!Don't worry,I had my inhaler with me.

-bus ticketing improved(the only obvious improvement)
-feeder bus abit OK than before,but still dirty and bad driver attitude.
-Stations look dirty and need refurbishment.
-Underground station at KLCC poorly lit.
-Escalator so slow,I noticed that escalators at metro stations in Adelaide and Melboure are alot faster.
-Interiors of LRT especially the rubber coated floors look extremely dilapidated,probably due to the large number of people using it everyday.

Public tranport in KL is still in bad condition.Not much improvement since I returned.It has gotten worse in terms of the infrastructure and the conditions of the buses and LRTs but I believe the frequency of the Wangsa Maju local bus has improved slightly,not sure about other areas. IMO.:nuts:
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I noticed there are some new feeder buses serving the Wangsa Maju area but the old buses are still mostly used.I got to used the new bus 3 days ago,It was very comfortable.I believe they rotate the buses to serve the different parts of Wangsa Maju.But the black TnG reader can't be used,a paper taped on it said it's under testing.Hopefuly the old buses would be phased out soon,they are just too old to serve the hilly conditions of Wangsa Maju.

Overall the local bus service has improved,I see the feeder buses relatively more frequent and quite full most of the time thanks perhaps to the new ticketing system.
Good move by RapidKL.Finally they fulfill their promise.At least such buses are on KL roads.
^That's a good idea,just like ktmrailwayfan and KTM. Forumers at ktmrailwayfan forum regularly have their suggestions acknowledged by KTM PR officer.

Anyway,anyone knows who's the producer the wheelchair accessible buses?
It's interesting to see they have seat belts for wheelchair bound passengers.

I do not see any seat belts in the wheelchair accessible buses in Adelaide.

But then,most disabled OZs use motorised wheelchairs which have more safety features.
Are the ramps operated manually by hand or automatically?
Thanks for the pics and info.

The vast acquisition of buses seems to reflect that RapidKL is indeed serious in improving public transportation in the Klang Valley.:banana:

Now KLites dun have the right to complain that KL public buses are in poor condition. The buses I see are better than most of the buses in Adelaide!!!!

It's kinda pity that RapidKL had to resort to importing buses while some Malaysian companies are quite capable of manufacturing buses on their own.But I guess the Chinese could manufacture the buses in larger quantities at a shorter time(and lower cost).

New fleet: Currently, 39 of the new buses
have been introduced with more expected soon.
Wow..they look like trams.
^Hai..kelakar extra RM1 to the bus :) .Maybe they bought an extra bus of two because of your contribution :) .

Next wise step would to improve the bus stops in KL.
Anywayz, my momy already sold her car cuz she find it much easier and much cheaper to travel to everywhere inside Shah Alam by Rapid KL bus--- only RM 1 per day.... Woow... still can't believe that... only RM 1 ????????
By this way our family could save RM XXXX every month :D
Adelaide Metro made an ad showing a women who uses the Adelaide metro living in a bungalow :lol: show that taking public transport is cheap and saves alot of $$$. According to the ad,an Australian could save an average $9000/year taking public transport...but cars here especially second hand are cheap and could actually be cheaper than taking the bus if travel around alot.

But such ad could work here in KL,considering that buying a car is like buying a house and the all day tickets wayyyyyy cheaper.Should suggest this to RapidKL marketing division.
Maybe we could use a mascot like our friends down south :nuts: to promote public transport :lol:

Captain SMRT

What will ours be?

Hang Ra Pid :lol: Mat Rapid...Nakhoda Rapid.... :banana:
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Do the disable access buses lean(are they leaning buses too?).
Canada's CNIB has developed a "bus hailing kit" for the disabled that is available f o c.

most transport operators have information about accessible travel....

No reason why RapidKL and RapidPenang (and all others) could not do the same.

Cheers, m
My god..the solution so simple.

I always wonder how the blind or elderly know which bus to take.
^In Australia...20 or so road related deaths during Easter nationwide was considered worrying....kalo kat Malaysia..bole buat kenduri dapat kadar kemalangan cam tu.:lol:
^^ Dekat Jepun tahun lepas 5 800 orang maut atas jalan raya. Penduduk Jpn 128 juta ++.

Kenapa di Malaysia semua org nak guna kereta je ? Tak boleh ke kite berubah kepada masyarakat yg gunakan pengangkutan awam ??
Only KL have a reliable transportation system. In 'other cities',it's practically non existent and extremely bad.Even if there are some sort of public buses,they are unrelaible for people to go to work..setakatpergi pasar boleh la
^Anyone else u can suggest besides RapidKL :) ?

Anyway,do u guys like the current RapidKL website.I've got to admit it looks OK now and the bus schedule pretty easy to understand.

I really hope RapidKL will provide a direct bus service from the Wangsa Maju area to KLCC...currently we have to take the feeder bus to Tmn Melawati,catch as bus to Titiwangsa and from there a bus to KLCC...we have to change buses 2 times and it seems ridiculous to do so as Wangsa Maju is not that far from KLCC. Wangsa Maju needs it as the LRT is so full of people most of the time.With the all day ticket,I'll take the bus anytime to KLCC if there's such service.
^^ That bus made in China too?

I really like the color scheme of the RapidKL buses. Its nice to look at.
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