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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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an excuse to ride the buses now :p

Cheers, m
Haha. A good one.

You can always change the bus (or seat for that matter). But can't change the attitude.
Pandan Perdana residents unhappy with RapidKL bus service

She was disappointed that there was no direct bus service to town that’s less time consuming. A ticket from Pandan Perdana to Maluri station costs RM1 and from Maluri to Pudu the fare is RM2.

“Why can’t they have more frequent buses to KL and charge us only RM2 for the entire journey?” Ng added.
That's what all people want. Efficient service with cheap price. Don't they realize that these two things don't come together..... Easier said than done.
No, it can be done. With proper city-planning, ie. high density neighbourhoods, and with the bulk of people taking a convenient mass transit, this is achievable. Of course, the government must have the political will to invest it in the first place. It is like a business, eg. Ikea. When I have the masses buying my products, I can sell the items cheaper.
I don't think Ikea business model is a good analogy to be used on public transport. Mass don't necessarily drive the cost down.

Taking trains in Tokyo and London, for example, would not really be considered as cheap eventhough both systems have the mass.

A 30 minute trip on a JR train costs a commuter almost RM25. A trip of similar duration on KTM train would only cost around RM2.50. Even after you consider cost of living in both cities, these two costs still wouldn't add up. Either KTM is so ridiculously cheap or JR is too insanely high.

The only reason why millions and millions of commuters would still use the JR service everyday is because car park charge in Tokyo metro area is ridiculously high, and not because the train ride is cheap. Commuters have no other choice.
This means there willl be a lot more buses on the city centre roads.

And yet one of the findings to improve the state of public transport is to reduce the number of buses on the city centre roads as they are "supposedly" clogging up the roads.

So, do you guys see the "paradox" here?

Good luck to KL Public Transport...

On complaints on badly behaving RapidKL bus drivers, Zohari said he had set up a team of 60 enforcement officers to check on its drivers.

These officers would ride the buses in plainclothes to observe the bus drivers.

"These officers would be on the move checking on our bus drivers on all our routes daily. They would also be video recording the tardy or rude behaviour of drivers who break the rules," he said, adding that a bus driver who had cheated passengers of their change was caught on tape recently and was terminated of his job.

How about those badly behaving metrobus drivers? No need to be in plain clothes to catch them red handed.
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