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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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RapidKL mungkiri piagam sendiri - Bas tidak ikut jadual, tidak selesa, mengabaikan aspek keselamatan

SEBUAH bas RapidKL di Kuala Lumpur semalam mengambil penumpang di tengah-tengah jalan yang sibuk dengan kenderaan ketika sebuah motosikal (dalam bulatan) memecut laju sehingga membahayakan nyawa penumpang.

BERSESAK-SESAK... Bas RapidKL mengambil penumpang melebihi had yang dibenarkan.

BAS RapidKL berhenti menurunkan penumpang di tengah-tengah jalan berhampiran Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur semalam.
this post made in january.

and now it is december. situation still the same :) congratulation. another metrobus in the making.
i want to know what is the status of this 'bus graveyard' investigation under PAC?

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'fairer sex' means…if there's a woman only-bus, there should be a man only-bus! :D
PAC investigation inconclusive, Prasarana selling the buses for scrap, and no-one connected to Pak Lah or MTrans need worry.

Cheers, m
just why? are they really cannot be used? or …why?
in Singapore some old buses still be used. they only install aircon and some refurbishments. those rapid KL buses doesn't look old at all! and they abandon it?

oh our money….:sleepy:
most problems of public buses are not from RapidKL. but other private companies like Metrobus, Leng Seng, Selangor etc….

why can't they have schedule and their own route instead competing each other?
How about something like this:

At least with contra-flow bus lanes, enforcement is not as hard since you only really have to worry about traffic in one direction...

If I were driving on that road, I certainly would not cross the yellow line, knowing that buses were oncoming traffic :lol::nuts:

More info here.

Cheers, m
that's a good idea! i never thought about it! :D
1 - 7 of 591 Posts
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