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Rapid KL City Shuttle

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Rapid KL City Shuttle
KL's new commuting trend in the heart of the city. Unlimited day travel for just RM2
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huh :? then what's up with the current Touch n Go system?
If I'm not mistaken, this would not be the first time they reimplemented the TnG system on the buses.
So far 5 accidents!:)
Noticed that they put up those plastic barriers to separate the lanes. Any chances permanent ones will go up ?

Can't really say whether traffic improves or not. Traffic was smooth when I got to work at 10:30, need few more days to know for sure.
a major screw up on the bus lane in Brickfields.

We told the FT Minustry to build the lane in with the Brickfields redevelopment project, instead they offered it as a separate project that upset lots of people -so they delayed.

It looks like it was done in a rush, but it was just done very poorly, planned very poorly, and serious effort not made.

Cheers, m
Ha ha, so true, I almost rode myself into an incoming bus this evening while trying to get into the slipway next to the Brickfields Post Office

"On the operational aspect, we are looking at common scheduling and timetable, sharing of infrastructure and manpower, common operating hours for high- and low-density routes, standard fare structure, standard operating procedures and exchange of industrial knowledge," he said.

In terms of business collaboration, the parties aimed to work closely in areas of bus leasing, integration of ticketing system, route sharing, bus maintenance and shared engagement with the public, he said.

He said the collaboration of major bus operators in the Klang Valley would increase efficiency in the service and was in line with the government's aspiration to encourage utilisation of public transportation.
These kinds of initiatives should have been SPAD's from the get go. Where are they now ?
1 - 4 of 591 Posts
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