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Rare Pictures (Post Independence) - Miscellaneous

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Che in Karachi: Yes, that’s the great Marxist revolutionary and legend, Che Ernesto Guevara, standing along side Pakistan’s President Ayub Khan.

RARE picture of Yasir Arafat [Palestine], Mujeeb-Ur-Rehman [Bangladesh], Z.A Bhutto and Col M Qaddafi [Libya] at Shalimar Gardens in Lahore on 23rd February 1974

King Faisal II of Iraq visiting 501 Workshop, Rawalpindi [Early years of Pakistan]

US President Richard Nixon at Taxila on 2nd August 1969

President Chaudary and Prime Minister Bhutto receiving Saudi Arabian King Shah Faisal

RARE picture of Faisal Masjid [under-construction], Islamabad - 1983

Peaceful Karachi in 1970's.
I.I Chundrigar Road and Port Area view from HBL Plaza.

A Rare Picture of Prime Minister Gillani

A Rare picture of the Great Two W's

Rare - Gillani later on contested 1985 elections and became Federal Minister for Housing and Railways in Junejo's Cabinet.
Nawaz Sharif can also be spotted in the picture

Rare - Pervez Musharaf with his wife and child

Altaf Hussain

3 Champion Sportsmen of Pakistan

RARE - All the President's Men at Shakarparian Hills after laying the Foundation stone of Islamabad

A Very Rare Picture - the way General Zia-ul-Haq is receiving Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto says it all

A Rare picture of Altaf Hussain

Rare Picture - Javed Miandad shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth
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Benazir Bhutto at Siachin

A Rare picture of Vital Signs!

1st February 1961: President General Ayub Khan of Pakistan assists Queen Elizabeth II down the steps to the lawn of his Karachi residence, where she was attending a State Banquet in her honour with Prince Philip, as part of their 16 day tour of Pakistan [Photo by Central]

Two Legends - Alamgir and Moin Akhtar

Fanie de Villiers back in 1996 when South Africa were in Pakistan for World Cup'96!

The banners behind show that the picture was taken in Faisalabad.

Rare Picture of Benazir Bhutto's Childhood

A Rare Picture of Pakistan Team Celebrations after winning the 1992 World Cup exactly 2 decades back!

Benazir Bhutto

The Assassination of Former Premier of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto still remains a mystery.

Here in this rare picture, she can be seen hiding behind her mother Nusrat Bhutto.

Benazir Bhutto in her teens at her home in Clifton, Karachi.

One the sets of the English Film - Traffik [1989]

Legend Pakistani Drama Actors
[L to R] Jamal Shah, Talat Hussain, Faryal Gohar and Shakeel.

Directed by: Alastair Reid

Faiz Ahmad Faiz [February 13, 1911 – November 20, 1984]
- Pakistani intellectual, poet, and one of the most famous poets of the Urdu language.

In a country where one authoritarian government has made way for another since its independence in 1947, Faiz Ahmed Faiz became a symbol of resistance and dissidence. His poetry, as much as his life, came to represent the longing of the people for the freedom which had come their way so briefly.

To the forces of the left and to those who sought to build a just and exploitation-free society, Faiz became a source of great ideological power. His voice always rang high and clear, and during the grave-like silence of martial law rule, his words remained a beacon of light that could not be extinguished.

This is a 1974 picture of Karachi’s iconic Pearl Continental Hotel [then called the Intercontinental].

Moonwalkers in Karachi, 1973: How many of you know or remember that the entire crew of NASA’s Apollo 17 flight to the moon visited Pakistan?

In July 1973, astronauts of the United State’s last mission to the moon arrived in Karachi. Their visit was widely covered by the press and Pakistan Television [PTV]. The astronauts were also honoured by a ‘welcome motorcade procession’ that travelled from Clifton Road till Tower area.

The photograph shows the motorcade reaching the Saddar area that was decorated with Pakistani, American and PPP flags and colourful banners.

Some of the astronauts travelled in an open truck [see picture]. The truck also carries a banner that reads [in Urdu]: ‘Welcome to the Apollo 17 astronauts.’

Sultan Rahi [Born 1938 - Died 9 January 1996]

Born at Uttar Pradesh, India.

Sultan Muhammad, popularly known as Sultan Rahi, in Saharanpur, was a notable Pakistani film actor who was a super star in Pakistan in Punjabi films during the 1970s and 1980s.
He appeared in more than 700 Punjabi and Urdu-language movies, and is named in the Guinness Book of Records as the most prolific actor.
Some of his major films include Maula Jatt, Sher Khan, Chan Veryam, Kaley Chore, and The Godfather.
Rahi dominated the film industry for decades until his murder on 9 January 1996; he was shot dead on the main highway in Pakistan known as GT Road.

All pictures courtesy of Payaam Trust.
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There was a time when our President could give a little slap on the face of the US President......
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How President of Pakistan was received in Washington in 1961
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Jackie Kennedy on a camel ride in Karachi with her sister Lee Radziville..
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Two Sardars - Different Destinies, Sherbaz Mazari with Akber Bugti, 1954 ....
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Rare picture..Ayub Khan with Air Marshal(r)Asghar Khan 1963..

..1987..President Zia ul Haq in a function with Pakistan's cricket team captain IK..

IK with family

Waseem akram 60s


1975, Nawaz sharif


..rare picture..FIRST President of Pakistan, Iskadar Mirza With Mrs Naheed Mirza..

..rare picture..1976..Bhutto,Shah of Iran,Ghulam Mustafa Khar and Mumtaz Bhutto..

..rare picture..1969..Yahya Khan with Yasir Arafat..

..1987 Marshal Law..PM Junejo Shaking hands with his railway minister Gilani,Mian sb is also in pic..

Maj. Gen. Hamid Gul, with William Webster, Director of Central Intelligence, Clair George, Deputy Director for Operations, and Milt Bearden, CIA station chief, at a training camp for the mujahedeen in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province in 1987..

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Despite a warning from a British CID of a plot to assassinate Jinnah during this ride, the program proceeded on schedule. Mountbatten joined Jinnah on this ride from Victoria Road till Government House. On reaching Government House, Jinnah kept his hand on Mountbatten's thigh and remarked, 'Thank God I brought you back alive'. 'I brought you back alive' retorted Mountbatten. Later on it was learnt that one of the conspirators lost his nerve at the crucial time.
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oh man. this thread right here is a goldmine of classic political figure photos. thanx for sharing. :cheers:

Pak soldiers, 1965 war

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A rare pic. Altaf hussain cooking.

Words written by some PML-n jiyala, Quaid-e-muhtram words for Nawaz Shareef
On right is Gen (R) Abdul Qadir Baloch
abdul qadir baloch is sitting MNA of PMLN in blochistan

Young Cadet Ashfaq Pervaiz Kayani (COAS)

PPP formation, 1967

Housefull for Pakistani film 1960s

Hippies enjoying a few puffs of hashish on the roof of a cheap hotel in Peshawar in 1972.

a 'mid-range' nightclub in Karachi (in 1972).

1977 photograph showing Islamabad's Marriot Hotel

late Pir Pagara talking to the press at the Karachi Press Club in 1977. Pagara was heading a right-wing movement against the Z. A. Bhutto regime.

Salamulla Tipu, hanging out from the cockpit of a PIA plane that he had hijacked with three other colleagues in 1981.

Legendary Ashfaq Ahmed & Bano Qudsiya in 1975 on PTV

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Z.A. Bhutto, first PM of divided Pakistan, on his wedding day
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It wasn't the houses I was thinking of, but the hills in the background. Which hills are those? THe one in N Nazimabad? I am really surprised they're visible from that afar.
siamu maharaj said:
It wasn't the houses I was thinking of, but the hills in the background. Which hills are those? THe one in N Nazimabad? I am really surprised they're visible from that afar.
Assuming they're the NN hills they could be visible because there would have been little pollution at that time and the air would have been clear.
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I am also doubtful about that pic belonging to Karachi.
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