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Stop embarrassing yourself :) State budgets will typically include allocation of funds from the Federal government.In the US, for every dollar spent on education by the state a portion of that will come from the federal government.It would take me a micro second to skim through the Nigerian federal government's budget and allocation to the states will be very obvious either as monthy, bi-annual or annual allocations/disbursements.

Here's an example

Here's how much your state received from the Nigerian federation account in March 2018

If this is a discussion you'd like to have, let me know, Ill open a spill over thread.


I've seen this reply below.OK here we go, remember the example I gave you about education in the US and how the Federal government chips in?


When the Nigerian states do their budgets...the funds above will appear as part of their own education budgets, don't forget that this would already have appeared in the Federal government's own budget under the education budget.

Now if you add up all the special programs that are funded by the Federal government's budget but implemented through the states, you see why no one ever says a country's budget is (national budget + state budgets) because you end up in some ways counting the same thing twice.Under healthcare I see Nigeria has a part donor funded HIV program, since those funds aren't revenue based, the revenue sharing rules the Nigerian government uses won't apply, but both the Federal government and the states will include the funds in their budgets.
You’re wrong on this. But feel free to open a separate thread so we clutter this any further.
5961 - 5980 of 6618 Posts