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reaching for the sky in the 1950's ! ICI House Melbourne

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This is a brochure explaining the advanced modern skyscraper to break the 132 feet height restrictions...Melbourne and Australia's tallest building in 1958.

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We really need to learn you the art of resizing!

I love the old stuff though, really awesome.
yes great bldg. Still a modern looking skyscraper 50 years on!
all 275ft/84m.
Sydneys first to break 150ft barrier was Caltex House in 1957 at 72m/236ft/20storeys, 1 year before ICI.
Then it was harryS Blues point tower in 61 at 275ft/84m.
ill resize article if you want.

ici nearing completion in 58

took me years to learn how to post the next leason..resizing ???
Cul if you can resize, that would be great...its a bit tedious super sized. good for folks who need reading glasses I guess ???? I put old before folks but took it out OK ?
I got my parents to take me for a look at it when I was kid: and - think I've told this story before, but bears repeating for this thread: I always remember a newspaper article about an outback aboriginal kid brought to the city for some reason, and he was photographed in front of ICI house, with a caption: 'Can Planes Get Past?'

We were very proud of its 275ft then.

Just adding, when I was a country kid in the '50s there was a school text book around called 'All Roads Lead to Melbourne.' I remember being puzzled by it. I thought, "Why do all roads lead to Melbourne?" I thought they all led to Castlemaine.
Yep even today the Orica/ICI building looks good.
Thanks Cul !
Just found this old 50's pic of ICI House (Orica) and Block 1 of the Commonwealth Centre cnr. Spring and latrobe Sts. under construction...they must have felt Melbourne was in a building boom !
red baron is in his elements !^^
I was very...very young back then!
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