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Hello and Welcome to the New Euroscrapers Projects and Construction Updates section!

We are still renovating, however we will be glad to show you around.

The structure so far of this section will provide space for ALL European nations to open one individual thread, in English ONLY, to update all of us about one another's projects. Furthermore, we will allow some city threads. Right now, we will allow only for London, Paris, Moscow and Istanbul. More will come later, as we judge how this place treads.
Some threads have been compiled, but most nations still are threadless here.
So if you are willing to make a good front page overview of your nation, please, go ahead!

Just a side note: as we are still not discussing (FYRO)Macedonia's naming case, we will allow them here for the short time being.

Thank You and Enjoy
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The new order in this forum is absolutely sensless and unnessassary. It was much better before!!!
Great idea and structure. Can Kyiv thread remain since much effort was put into it?
Yes, I will need to update it with the recent changes.
But capitals can keep their own threads in addition to the general nationwide threads.
I made a forum for EuroScrapers , visit EuropeForum (look at signature)
I made a forum for EuroScrapers , visit EuropeForum (look at signature)
Amazing! Now we're all going to drop SSC and switch to this incredible unknown empty forum :banana:
As this thread is somewhat dated, I'll open a new Read me first soon.

This section will finally see the light again! :rock:
Why no news about MALTA -not in the Skyscraper City news-What is the reason?Can one of you please answer-MALTA is an European City
New thread request: GIBRALTAR | Projects & Construction

Hello everyone,

I would be interested in updates for new projects & construction in Gibraltar, at least what has been done since the end of 2013. I searched on this forum and there doesn't seem to be any sub-forum or thread dedicated to current developments in Gibraltar.

Could someone please create a thread entitled "GIBRALTAR | Projects & Construction" inside this sub-forum: European Forums > Euroscrapers > General European discussions > Projects and Construction ?

I would create it myself but I need at least 10 posts until I would be able to do that.

I am not a local [and I would not have content to post on a regular basis] but I am thinking that if the thread would be created someone would post updates at least from time to time.

What do you guys think about this? Thank you in advance!
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