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Real Estate Question: Please help guys

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I know I coulda asked this in the investment thread but I need help from non-investors as well... can people from UK/Germany and other european countries tell me which are the best real estate agents in europe for properties in Dubai (targeting european investors/buyers) ? I'd really appreciate your help guys. Thanks!
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Krazy, there are loads mate! Springing all over the place. It's difficult to recommend any in particular, because everyone has their own experiences and specific needs. For example..i had a very bad experience with Dubai Property Link (London)... Gowealthy are not too bad (Dubai based but with UK office) a friend of mine bought from them and he's had no real complaints..and I bought from Dubai Select (Torch) and cannot complain really.

You're best bet would be to Google it and try your luck with a few of them...and go with the one that gives you the best gut feeling.

Just beware of the small-time fly-by-nights just in it to make a quick buck. You can normally tell who these ppl are. Good Luck
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Thanks Naz but there must be some which have a good reputation in the UK? For example, in Dubai agents with good rep would be Better Homes, Asteco,, Engel & Volker etc... But I will definitely google and look around..
I've dealt with Key 2 Dubai and Property Frontiers, both of whom seem quite professional, although not much follow-up from Property Frontiers.

My brother bought through, a German company, who were really quick to respond to all emails and sorted any problems out with the developers very quickly. They also send out a lot of information and email regularly about new developments. I'd certainly recommend them.
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You could try us Dubai Luxury Homes we deal all sorts of developments in Dubai Redidential and Commercial.

If you need any help you can contact me on [email protected]
Krazy said:
Thanks Naz but there must be some which have a good reputation in the UK? For example, in Dubai agents with good rep would be Better Homes, Asteco,, Engel & Volker etc... But I will definitely google and look around..

I think you're probably as well to deal with the above people in Dubai. There's no real need to use someone from the UK - everything can easily and painlessly be done by email really.
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Krazy - My brother and I have used Dubai Luxury Homes as above and so far so good. My brother is also using them for snagging and let. He is in Marina Diamond and I am in Timeplace. We chose them because they answered our calls and were prepared to meet us when we wanted to meet. The guy we have been dealing with has just left and they have been onto me offering another contact. They are Brits based in Dubai. Whoever you choose, I agree with the above, go and speak to whoever you use, get a feel for them and do some research i.e are they LLC registered with the government etc.
Best of luck bud!
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Yes anybody wishing to buy or sell an apartment you can contact us. We are based in Dubai and also in the UK. We also deal with property rentals if anybody needs a hand in renting out there property.
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