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Real life L.A. vs. GTA San Andreas

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Till the first time I played that game, I've been wondering how good does it represent L.A., S.F., L.V. and the wide areas between them.

In fact, especially L.A.; since I live in the old good EU it's quite difficult, apart from U.S. movies, to figure out how the city is built and designed, so while "cruising" in the game I have no landmarks, no ideas of real life parts of the town that can be put in comparison with the game's ones.

It would by great if anybody can do a simple comparison (using photos!) of certain zones, or simply write a general explanation of the town structure and "habits"; I mean: in the game some portions of the town are populated with gangs and have an high ratio of crimes, while others are simply the symbol of luxury. This is quite normal in every town, but I'd like to know if the represented them as real.

Thanks a lot to everyone! ;)

(sorry if my english contains some mistakes :bash: )
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I know True Crime: Streets of LA is a great model of LA
hmm.. It's not that accurate, there's many more freeways, it's more urban, and it's cleaner
Rockstar did a pretty good job of putting in many of the things LA is known for. The hollywood sign, Rodeo Drive, Watts Towers, freeways, LAX, etc. so you can really tell that's where the game is based, but it doesn't feel like LA. The city is rather dead in the game, and of course it's much, much smaller so you can drive in and out of neighborhoods in a matter of seconds.

Here's some pictures you were asking for:

weill said:
I know True Crime: Streets of LA is a great model of LA
That game is about 65% accurate of L.A. Its great to learn the streets with the game, but the game is missing a lot of areas, buildings, and landmarks.
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