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really off-topic but Canada related.

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I have a question hoping you guys can help me with:

My soon-to-be wife have a family living in Toronto and would like for them to move to the United States and she doesn't have a clue on how to do it. Do you guys know how the process work? Her family in Canada have Canadian Green Card while her family in the US is US citizens. Would the process take long at all? Being that the US and Canada are on a friendly term, I hope it shouldn't be that hard right?

I also have this question, what are the process on getting your driver license in Canada? her cousin is 23 and he already has his written permit and somebody said that he has to wait up to a year before he can get his driving test and get approve for a driver license, seem kinda long doesn't it?

Help if you can, thank you.
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With the drivers license at least in Ontario, you write ur test, get ur G1, wait a year, or if u took drivers ed, wait 8 months, take your G1 exit, if you pass you get your G2, wait a year, take G2 exit and if you pass you get you G (full license)
Wouldn't you have a better chance of getting this answered in the American forum? Since it pertains to the American immigration system?
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