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Hi, Steve Ellwood kindly suggested that I try posting my enquiry on this board.

Essentially, I’m researching stained glass windows in Jersey General Hospital chapel and I would like to find written evidence that the windows were made by Messrs. G.J. Baguley (1834-1915) & Sons of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

It has been suggested by an architectural historian that the style of the windows is that of George Joseph Baguley & Sons who was a 'pupil' of William Wailes, the major Newcastle stained glass manufacturer and set-up independently in business c.1865. The studio was continued after Baguley's death (31 Oct. 1915) by his sons until it was bought-out by the rival Messrs. Reed, Millican & Co. in the 1930s. Reed Millican had their registered office at Prescot Road, St Helens, Merseyside, WA10 3TT and Steve suggested asking here if anyone had knowledge of where to find any records of commissioned works of George Baguley.

I know it’s a long shot to suppose that Reed Millican would keep records of commissions of Baguley’s whom Reed Millican bought out – and that those records may still be available. But you never know!

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Tony.
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