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Refurbished buildings

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Are there any buildings in your city had have been either refurbished or renovated/redesigned both exterior and interior.
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As you probably know, several years ago Detroit became notorious for its abandoned buildings. Recently quite a few skyscrapers have been refurbished or restored. A number of smaller buildings are being converted into lofts.

Here are a few examples:

After being abandoned after the electricity was shut off in 1995, restoration began sometime around 2000 on the David Stott building (1929) which had previously been facing rumors of demolition:

The Book Tower (1926) on the left is being slowly restored after being almost completely empty (for a while the only use was as a communications tower). The Industrial Building Apartments on the right was also a conversion project from an office building:

The David Broderick Tower (1929) is still empty, but supposedly it will be converted into loft apartments (the whales mural was an attempt to enliven the run-down building):

The 13 story Fyfe Building (1919) was the worlds tallest shoe store when it opened. It was converted into apartments a number of years ago:

The Dime Building (a 1910 Daniel Burnham design) was recently restored in 2001:

As you can see, they missed a spot.

Detroit's tallest structure, the RenCen, was purchased by GM a few years ago for the paltry sum of $75 million and they then spent $500 million to renovate it. They removed the fortress like berms from the front of the building and added a winter garden that overlooks the Detroit River. (I do not have any good pictures of the RenCen).

The most noticable remaining unrestored building in Detroit is the infamous Michigan Central Station.
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In 2000 Townsville's hideous Ogden Street Carpark was refurbished and renamed Metro Quays - it's height is 45 metres. The top section was converted into 92 apartments with the rest remaining a public carpark. It provided a catalyst for a development boom in Townsville's CBD, which is still going strong.

Ogden Street Carpark

Metro Quays
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Pictures from the Malaysian Forum/
1903 Penang City Hall Building

Eastern & Oriental Hotel

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