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Region of Waterloo Rapid Transit Website

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The new website for the Region's environmental assessment of the rapid transit initiative is now up - complete with fancy graphics! :)

Edit: There's even a semi-flattering skyline shot of downtown Kitchener. Incredible!
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Kitchener used to have trollies.

Here's a story from Wednesday's paper about the transit study:
Well, there were also a few of the 'build new roads and build more bridges across the Grand' letters. I'm sure this will all happen to a certain extent, but I don't think that these people realize that this would only be a temporary solution. It might ease congestion now, but will only create more in the future.

Overall I thought the reaction was fairly positive, but then again, those are only the letters that the paper chose to publish :).

Also, I don't think the people in Kitchener or Cambridge would ever want to live in 'Waterloo' (just like Waterlooionoinions wouldn't want to live in Kitchener or Cambridge) :). If they do amalgamate the cities, I bet they'll call it something like Grand River.
Thanks for opening up the thread in the other forum, thryve.

There was actually another collection of opinion letters a couple of weeks ago in the paper about amalgamation and name change (similar to today's transportation page). The general consensus seemed to be to pick a name that wouldn't offend anybody, and I agree with that.

My opinion of Waterloo is that it's small city that's trying to act big. In my opinion, there isn't much that distinguishes Waterloo from any number of other small cities in Canada except, of course, the two universities.

There are even Kitchener and Cambridge equivalents to the boring, sprawling suburban areas that you've mentioned. Geez, the people I know that live in Westvale wish that they didn't live there or at the very least think that there's nothing remarkable about it. For safety reasons, don't even think of telling a person from Beechwood that they don't live in the centre of the universe... :)

Those are just my perceptions (well some of them, but I don't want to offend anyone reading this who is from Waterloo :) ) but you can rest assured that I wouldn't want to call the city Kitchener or Cambridge either.

Buuuuuuuuut I digress, none of that had anything to do with LRT. So in conclusion, uh, go trains!
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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