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Relations Between African States Chart

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Rivalry: Countries is healthy competitive rivalries against each other.

Tension: Uneasy relations usually cause by a few disagreements with no visible sight of armed conflict
Hostility: Uneasy relations usually marked by a constant or increasing threat of armed conflict or war.
Combatants: Countries that have engaged in armed conflict in the past with unhealed wounds and the threat of reentering conflict.
Vendetta: Countries pitting against each other in either armed conflict, or purposeful exploitation or sabetoge. Countries with a 0 sum relationship.

Morocco: Western sahara has been a hot button between these nations since independence. Algeria is the world's strongest advocate for an independent Western Sahara. Algeria has funded armed conflict with Morocco in the region, gives asylum to militants fighting against morocco and has engaged in full on war with morocco leading the the building of the Moroccan Wall soon after independence.

Mauritania: Conflict over Western Saharan, though Mauritania's claims are less threatening then Morocco's

Rwanda + Uganda: Angola has entered armed conflict with Rwanda and Uganda in the Congo War when it with Zimbabwe and Namibia successfully pushed invading congolese militant, ugandan, and rwandan forces east ending their westward advancement towards Kinshasa.
DRC:Border conflicts, mutual expulsion and intimidation of each others citizens on the boarder

Nigeria: Boarder disagreements, disputes over illegal immigration and use as a hub by Nigerian criminals because of lax port security in Porto-Novo


Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast: Violent nationalistic uprisings in Ivory Coast against illegal burkinabe workers have soured relations between the two nations.

none, history of trans-national ethnic conflict between Hutu and Tutsi.

Nigeria:Arguments over the Bakassi region have been resolved in international court with the region being ceded over the Cameroon. The two nations enjoy a long rivalry in soccer

Gabon: Personal rivalries between the two countries leaders.

Cape Verde

Central African Republic
None, trans national ethnic violence from Chad

Libya: Libya's failed attempt to fill the power vaccum by means of military deployment in Chad when France left the country due to political disintegration in the 1980's led to an uprising of french support Chadian forces that repelled Libya from Chad in 1987. Seeing the Libyan action as an attempt to expand influence in central Africa by creating a client state, Zaire joined in the fight against Libya. Nigeria and France brokered peace in Kano by pressuring peace between rival fractions in Chad that caused the disintegration in the first place and both powers pressured Libya out of Chad by deploying peace keepers.


Cote D'Ivoire
Nigeria: Support for Biafran forces in the Nigerian Civil War as well as a pattern of constant opposition to Nigerian led initiatives in ECOWAS has led many to believe that the Ivory Coast is a member of a group of francophone states working to limit Nigeria's regional hegemony by demand of France and French interests in the region. Recent splitting of ties with France may change this.

Democratic Republic of the Congo
Rwanda: Congo War (African World War)
Uganda:Congo War (African World War)
Congo Brazzaville
trans national ethnic conflict
constant state of armed internal conflict since independence with momentary peace

Eritrea: Tension over Djibouti alliance with Ethiopia, armed conflict in 2008
Somalia: Somali claims that part of Djibouti belong to 'Greater Somalia' in the past

Iran: Collapsed relations and hostility over 2008 Israel Gaza crisis. Iran shows displeasure with Egypt's role as a model for making peace with Israel.
Iraq: tension over Egypt's membership in the UN coalition during the Kuwaiti crisis.
Israel: Tense peace over Palestine. History of repeated armed conflict including full on war.
Ethiopia: Tension over Egyptian abuse of water rights to the Nile
Uganda: Tension over Egyptian abuse of water rights to the Nile
Burundi: Tension over Egyptian abuse of water rights to the Nile

Equatorial Guinea

Ethiopia: War of independence between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Boarder issues since independence, sporadic outbursts of conflict. Constant threat of renewed violence.
United States: Tension over Eritrea support of armed groups deemed 'Terrorist' by US officials.

Sudan: Severed ties with Sudan after accusing sudan of funding islamist rebels in Eritrea. Eritrea retaliated by hosting a conference of Sudanese opposition leaders.
Chad: Eritrea has accused Chad of sponsoring rebels in Eritrea
Yemen: Tension over boarder disputes for claim to the Hanish Islands resulting in war between the two countries. Conflict is still unresolved
African Union: AU accused Eritrea of sponsoring Somali insurgents and has called for sanctions as well as diplomatic isolation.

Eritrea: war, continued tension
Somalia: Historic rivalry. repeated war and military intervention of Ethiopian forces in Somalia. Somali claims to ethiopian land. Ethiopian use of somali seperatists for Port access.

Sudan: tension over sudanese sponsored violence in the Gambela region




Nigeria: Friendly cultural rivalry, sporadic tension based on often tit for tat actions taken by both countries to undermine the other's immigrant population (Ghana-must-go situation, Ghanaian fee on Nigeria businesses/movies in Ghana)






Nigeria: Tension over Libyan intervention on Chad and armed invasion which was repelled by a coalition of Chadian forces, France, Zaire, and Nigeria. Recent tension and reassessment of diplomatic relations when Khaddafi called for Nigeria to be seperated in two between muslims and christians in the country.

Israel: Support of insurgents
The United States: Support of insurgents
The EU: Support of insurgents
Sudan: Support of insurgents
Ethiopia: Support of insurgents
Somalia: Support of insurgents
Central African Republic: Support of insurgents
Eritrea: Support of insurgents




Morocco: Armed conflict over claims to Western Sahara
Algeria: Armed conflict over claims to Western Sahara


AU: Withdrawal and tension of AU's refusal to recognize Western Sahara as a part of Morocco.
Algeria: Armed conflict over western sahara
Mauritania: Armed conflict over western sahara
Iran: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Pakistan: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Syria: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
South Africa: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Nigeria: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
All of Southern Africa: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Mali: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Mexico: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Venezuela: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
North Korea: Diplomacy with Western Sahara
Vietnam: Diplomacy with Western Sahara




Libya: Tension over intervention in other african states, recent statement calling for the split of Nigeria
Cameroon: cultural rivalry, soccer
Ghana: Cultural rivalry, moments of tension
Chad: Disputes over Lake Chad
France: Slight tension over west african hegemony, french intervention in west african states, and french support for Biafra during civil war.

more to come.
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Nice Thread.
For Kenya and Sudan, U didn't talk about the dispute over the controversial Ilemi Triangle.....
Same for The Egypt and Sudan Border dispute....and so on, and so forth.
Does anyone here knows if South Africa still lay claims to St Helena?
And I personally Think Nigeria should go back and claim Bakassi.....,,YES we should ...
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