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religious Taipei (mostly)

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Most pictures are from Taipei, but some are also from other places.

Confucius Temple in Taipei, calm and empty

Christmas gift for Confucius :)

landing planes - it's near Songshan Airport

near Confucius Temple is Baoan Temple, Taoist one

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In the oldest part of the city is Longshan Temple, the most famous one

lantern festival in the temple

Xingtian Temple, you go there to pray for prosperity

surfing in the Temple, only in Taipei :)


Mazu is the most popular goddess in Taiwan, goddess of sea

parade for Mazu's 1044th birthday in Songshan, Taipei (2003)

my avatar :)

some details of the temple

Mazu Temple in Ximending (Hsimen)

traditional opera in the temple

Mazu temple in Nanfang'ao
Jade Mazu

Golden Mazu

Feel so oriental! When was it built?
Thank you for these great pictures :)
waterloo said:
Feel so oriental! When was it built?
First of all, great photos "Taipei Walker" ^_____^

2ndly to "waterloo", I am assuming you asked for Taipei's "Longshan Temple" = built in 1738 A.D.

thanks guys, more - from Zhonghe

Tudi Gong

at night, it was after midnight and the temple was packed!

Jingnan Gong in Zhonghe, the picture is old, you can see 101 under construction

Yuantong Temple - the buddist one

Temple in Sanxia near Taipei

Bishan Yan in Neihu


Xinzhu (Hsinchu), yinyang

burning money

And here is another parade in Taipei, Wanhua

Another parade in Taipei, Ximending

I've always loved these stone carvings

Thank you for the kind answer as always Kidd ^~^
OH MY GOD... I miss Taipei
Magician said:
OH MY GOD... I miss Taipei
I hear ya... :(
And the last part

Parade in Yonghe, Taipei County

big parade in Keelung



the parade

And Lantern Festival - sky lanterns in Guandu

Guandu Temple


sky lanterns

it takes forever to load, but it well worth it.
thanks for sharing.
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