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Renaker - Dylan Harvey

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Is there any connection between the two? The name Whittaker crops up in the background of both, and I'm sure DH were behind the building in Ancoats where Renaker are based.
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Not that I can see. Toby Whittaker is part of DH and Darren Whitaker is part of Renaker
I seem to remember DH was a couple of brothers. The names Dylan & Harvey are Toby's children's names.

I used to work in financial services and did a lot of funding on people buying in Fresh & other DH developments in Mcr & Lpool. I have no axe to grind with them as was never personally affected (on the contrary they gave me a free parking spot in town for a while off the back of what I was doing) but a lot of people lost a lot of money and would be interested to know they're very much back in business on an even larger scale. Toby Whittaker ended up being implicated in all sorts of dodgy dealings.

Just to be clear (in case Renaker's lawyers are listening) I'm asking the question rather than implying a connection.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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