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Replacing the Imperial Tobacco site

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Never started a thread before so here goes...

My mate worked here for years. Tells me it's a very big site. It'll be interesting to sed what they do with this site.

I don't know if any is suitable for residential. Small business units like in NG2 are probably the most likely.

Part of it could become another car showroom. This area is now an excellent strip of car showrooms.

My preference would be for a car components factory. Let's say engines as an example. The Midlands are full of car building jobs and therefore Nottingham is a logical location for such a factory. Skilled people live within 60 miles of here.

I don't know if the site is suitable for such a facility. I don't know just how big it really is.
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Oops. Forgot to put Nottingham in the title.
Imp's going. What odds that the very adjacent Boot's site won't be the next for closure/rationalization?

Put the two together and you have an extremely large land bank close to the city centre.

What you would do with it is another matter. I'm sure there's a developer who can offer-up the usual hackneyed mix of retail, leisure and residential that will do nothing to replace the industries they supplant.
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