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REPORT | FI : KEF-YYZ - Icelandair : Reykjavik - Toronto

Having just arrived from London, I had a 2-hour transit in Keflavik before my connection to Toronto. The airport is small, and only started receiving more planes after my flight's arrival. Many of those arriving passengers seemed to be connecting as well. Soon, the terminal's seats were virtually filled up.

It appears the European flights all arrived at around the same time, while the North American flights all departed around the same time 2 hours later.

My first encounter with Air Greenland was in Copenhagen in 2007.

Being such a quiet airport, congestion delays are probably unthinkable here.

Once again, food was not free. Only non-alcoholic drinks were complimentary.

I watched the flight map on my PTV closely with anticipation. A few hours into the flight, we reached Greenland. It was my first time flying over this vast wilderness. Past transatlantic flights skirted further south.

There were plenty of mountains, snow, and ice. Under the blue skies, the scenery was spectacular.

The sandwich from the airport could not possibly last the 6-hour flight to Toronto. I had ordered a bigger meal. The most filling option I could find was the chicken breast, which costed 12 euros. They had sushi on the menu, which was ironic because even the Japanese carriers did not serve it in Y. It was delicious.

I was busy eating and taking photos at the same time. Since we crossed the southern tip of Greenland, I didn't have much time before we'd hit the ocean again.

The clouds rolled in as we made landfall in Labrador.

The PTV screen had very crisp and clear images. It wasn't one of those first-generation projection screens.

This was the same type of aircraft as my London - Keflavik flight. Again, the ceiling panels had black wrapping around the reading lights, which was a simple yet stylish decoration for a seemingly old aircraft.

There was a weird layer of sunshine between the thick clouds during our descent. It was the sunset peeking through.


Service overall was the same as the previous flight. The scenery was wonderful, and the aircraft's interior has been taken well. It was a full flight; perhaps people are starting to consider them a valid option for their transatlantic journey. Unfortunately, we parked at the far end of Terminal 3, and it took a while to walk to immigration, where long lines awaited.

Full flight report :
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