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MU 518 : Fukuoka - Shanghai Pudong
While the airport is only a mere 2 subway stops from Hakata, the international terminal is an additional shuttle bus away. With a hectic morning commute to Kumamoto to see the castle, I opted for a taxi ride instead for about 1300 yen.

The international terminal looked new and was quite empty. Passengers could not just walk up to the check-in desks. Barriers are in place and the flight had to be called before passengers could enter.

Check-in took a bit of time despite so few passengers. Apparently, my middle and first names were put the other way around on my ticket, so it took them some time to sort it out. Strange that I didn't encounter any problems on the outbound.

I headed upstairs to explore the shops. It was mostly empty once again. I wanted a light lunch and settled with this delicious udon at a decent sit-down restaurant that served at fast food speeds.

The domestic terminal and subway station sit on the other side of the runway.

Today's flight would continue from Shanghai to Wuhan. I was quite happy to see the plane already at the gate when I arrived air-side. Seems hopeful we might depart on-time today.

There weren't too many people waiting for the flight. Boarding was quick and we soon taxied towards the southern end of the runway.

I was surprised to see pillows and blankets laid out for a 1.5 hour flight. Nice touch!

The meal looked very decent and unusual from my previous China Eastern experiences. There was a warm rice along with a traditional Japanese appetizer, although the fermented fish in the metal dish looks very Chinese.

With a low loading, the crew came by for drinks and served efficiently. Not too many smiles but they got their job done.

While enjoying my meal, I noticed the wing had some feet marks in areas that I thought nobody is supposed to step on.

Look at so many empty seats, which is a big contrast to the full Jeju flight on the outbound.

Being a short 1.5 hour flight, we were descending into Pudong soon enough. It looked like a cloudy or hazy day here, unlike the clear blue skies over in Japan.

We landed uneventfully and safely at Pudong Airport. China Eastern uses the older Terminal 1, and it took quite a while to taxi to a gate (thankfully) for a timely arrival.

For the price I paid, China Eastern is definitely value-for-money. I can always eat before the flight, and the emptiness made this trip very comfortable.

The full report :
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