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Request for Development

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Saw an advertisement in the Globe and Mail today in the Report on Business under Commercial Real Estate. It specifically states that the "minimum of 200,000 sf office with the boundaries of Queen, Lakeshore, Bathurst and Sherbourne. All scenarios will be considered." Does anyone know anything about this development? Would it have anything to do with the CanWest? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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"with the boundaries of Queen, Lakeshore, Bathurst and Sherbourne. "
WOW! That's one bigass building alright! :eek:
I hope they decided on the Bay-Adelaide site. They could build it a lot faster that way, and get rid of an unsightly reminder of the recession we had 15 years ago!
Bay-Adelaide needs a minimum of 500000 square feet leased to start construction.

I doubt Canwest needs 200000 square feet of office space

Can you post the advertisement?
Sorry but I don't have the advertisement but is was from Colliers. It stated that they were hired to do a development site search with the boundaries I stated earlier. They also stated that all scenarios would be considered. Hope that helps.
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