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This is a request for high resolution skyline photos to be used to illustrate a major urban development to be announced this fall. Photos chosen will be used, with photographer's permission, for print, web and potentially multimedia materials illustrating the project's conceptual range. They can be of whatever city you choose but must be current. Submissions should be high resolution in a lossless format (TIFF or PNG) and should be daylight only. They can be from any direction but should be framed to include space adjacent to the main 'skyline' to allow for the insertion of an additional high rise structure (left or right side or both). If there is a highrise off to the side, away from the main skyline please include that in the shot. (see photo of downtown LA below as example)

The exact project details are confidential at present, however, it can be said without exaggeration, that this project will change the very nature of the urban skyline as we currently know it. It's safe to say that, once a location is chosen and the construction is completed, this project's impact will make the host city the most recognizable city in the world.

Please forward submissions and any additional questions to

[email protected]

Thanks for your help

Charles Quinn
Project Coordinator
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