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Hello contributors of SSC,

First I would like to say I am very impressed with this forum and its members. The wealth of information you guys provide regarding Somalia is very helpful, informative and enriching to say the least. I love the positive nature and the level of respect present here. You don't see this often in forums. I really love the group work/collaborations that have spurred from forum members participating. SSC has become my favorite place to go. I really respect all of you guys and it really shows the effort and time you put in.

Why I made this post. I am doing research on businesses in Somalia and Somalia's economy. I am putting together a report. If anyone here can help me with the research, esp on businesses in Somalia, I would truly appreciate it. If anyone is interested in collaborating or wants to contribute as well please get in touch with me. If any of you guys live in Somalia right now as well and are interested, please get in touch with me as well.

Thank you for your time.
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Sure thing, and welcome to the forum. Just tell us what you want to know and we can help. :)
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