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Research Project / What type of housing are Perth's young people looking to live in?

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* What type of housing are Perth's young people looking to live in? *
* Low density? Medium density? High density? Close to shops, transport? Big backyard? No backyard?*


Would you be so kind as to fill in an online survey for some research I am doing at Curtin University?
It is looking into the attitudes of 18-30 year olds towards home ownership and housing style and choice. It will take 5 mins, and is an almost painless online process!

Information gathered is confidential and will be used to inform research I am doing on how young people feel about housing in the Perth metro area.

If you are between 18 - 30, Go to, click contribute and fire away!

If you could send this link onto friends that would be great!



In 2007 I worked on a dissertation at Curtin looking into the attitudes of 18 - 30 year olds towards home ownership and preferences of housing style/location in Perth. I am extending this work with the help of my supervisor in an attempt to get this work published for a journal. But I need your help...

The aim is to get as many people to fill in the survey as possible, to strengthen the data. From this I hope to get a better indication of what this group really wants from their housing (housing stock and tenure). Let's see if the market is responding in an appropriate way!

If you have any questions about this research please email me at [email protected]
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I did it for ya mate.

It seriously only takes 5 minutes and is clear and concise. Also nice to have a larger font than some surveys I've been asked to do.
yeh i did it too.

makes reference to houses but my preference is for apartments which it didnt reference.
For others reading this deciding yes or no to do survey, 6% for reading intro on 1st page. <5mins for 16 slides all up (14 just for straight forward questions; easy) I have done survey also.

Good luck on your uni research Nic.
Done. Now Ill wait on my score and see if I can make it into my 1st choice of Uni.
Is there not some sort of survey rule that says:

"If asking about housing preferences, do not get your data skewed by asking members of an internet forum about skyscrapers to participate in higher proportions than they are represented in general society."

:) But I'm also serious, surely if it is Uni work you could work with Curtin Student Services and get them to provide you with a random sample of student email addresses, and you could send them to them and work out your statistical relevance.
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can we please delete or archieve this thread?
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