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Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes in İstanbul

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Restaurants, Bars and Cafes in Istanbul
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^^I love the places like Pearl. Modern, bright and stylish..
OMG...what a view:eek:.i can see the old part of Istanbul from here. :happy:
I was in Leb-i Derya.One of the best bars&restaurants of Istanbul with a great view over the city :cheers:.But is almost full,you must reserve a seatplace before.
The restaurant Pera has a far history, a beautiful house in which the Turkish culture meets the Greek and the Armenian ones.
They organize beautiful nights with traditional music.

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I agree with you guys, the Leb-i is cool, the view wonderfull ! :cheers:
^^ actually i just watched discovery channel about Istanbul,and it's also featured this Leb-i Derya restaurant as one of main attraction.omg...i have to visit.

One of my favorite kebap places in Istanbul. Located at the center of Kadikoy.

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şu lebi deryaya bi gidemedim.
içimde kaldı
Last time I was in Istanbul I ate at Tahtasaray in Levent. The food was great and had a good view of the skyline.

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ohh guys I miss turkish kebab and iskender,
I hate grills in Germany, the only thing they know is Döner. :wallbash:
and it tastes completely different.
This thread has made me hungry. Turkish food looks so scrumptious...

Gotta eat...:runaway:
is it on the roof of the Marmara Pera Hotel?
I cant find pics! :eek:hno:
Which brand is the bottle in the middle & from which country is it?
1 - 20 of 108 Posts
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