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Retail Development

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In this thread we will discuss all the under construction, approved or proposed shopping malls in Baku.
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Park Bulvar - U/C

Park Bulvar is an under construction 4-storey shopping mall in the central part of Baku. The cost of the project is more than $ 50 million and includes the development of 7.500 square meter as well as investment in surrounding area development.
Opening: January 2010
The official website:

The project comprises:

- 17.000 square meter retail and leisure space
- 1.207 square meter supermarket
- 99 retail units ranging from 50 to 370 sq m
- 6 screen cinema
- Planetarium
- Kids playing zone
- Food court and cafes
- VIP restaurant with sea view terrace
- Bowling
- Underground parking for 550 cars

Construction of Park Bulvar (April 2009)

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Jale Shopping Center - U/C

Jale Shopping Center is a 5-storey mall located in the center of Baku. Construction of the mall is almost finished.

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Flame Towers Retail Center - U/C

The Podium of Flame Towers is simultaneously the foundation and hinge of the Baku Flame Towers Project. It will be a world class retail center, probably biggest in Baku. Opening - beggining of 2012

Construction (June 2009)

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New Life Store - U/C

New Life Store is a 3-storey shopping mall which captures the podium of New Life City project. Opening in 2010

Construction (August 2009)

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Some finished malls in Baku

Nagriz Shopping Center

Shuvelan Park

Khagani Shopping Center

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Amay Trade Center - the biggest one so far

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Galandar, thanx a lot..

Decent pictures
^^Railway Retail Center is topped out. I think it will be opened at the same time with Park Boulevard
Construction of IKEA, shopping mall and expo center (by user Mishelle)

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Construction of IKEA as seen from Baku-Airport highway (by user Mishelle)

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ELITE Shopping & Entertainment Complex - Completed

The area of Elite Shopping and Entertainment Complex is 40000 square meters. It consists of 5-storey Elite Shopping center, consisting of hundreds of modern style shops, 4 star Elite Hotel differing with its high service and qualitative indices Elite Supermarket, the biggest and contemporary supermarket in Baku (general area is 4200 m²). Queen Entertainment Center, consisting of the sole in Baku skating rink, bowling, restaurant, bar, 2 discos etc. Elite credit center, the biggest credit center in the country "Ocagbashi" restaurant.

Photos of Queen Entertainment Center in ELITE:

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Azizbayov Bus terminal and Shopping Mall

Title Azizbayov Bus terminal and Shopping Mall
Role Cost Management
Industry sector Retail
Client Baki XXI Asr LLC
Project Cost Euro 90 million
Date 2009
Location Baku, Azerbaijan

Currie & Brown has been commissioned by Client XXI Asr to provide pre contract cost management services to the Azizbayov Bus Terminal & Shopping Mall development located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The project will satisfy the current demand for an advanced bus terminal and will facilitate the new and more effective transportation scheme currently being developed in Baku.

The Terminal will serve approximately 40 stations and will include parking, retail, and entertainment areas. The client objectives and design intent had been expressed with the pyramidal shapes in the architectural design. Approximately 10 levels of the complex are designed in contemporary architecture with an estimated gross area of 72,000 sq. m. Located at the accentual in Baku-Azizbayov Roundabout, this serves as an important interchange to access several directions to peripheral zones of the greater Baku area and further towards the North of the Country.
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progressive city..people lifestyle look modern, cosmopolite n enjoy their live in Baku.. keep progres Baku. ^^
I would not like to see another pyramid shape in Baku. We already have Icerishekher subway station with this shape. But in general it is a good idea of the bus station and retail center near Azizbeyov subway
^^Is anyone knows what happened to stadium construction in that area?
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