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RETAIL | Meadowhall & Surrounding

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Quick Facts:
  • Largest Shopping centre in the Yorkshire and Humber Region.
  • 3 Miles north east of Sheffield City Centre
  • Vue Cinema
  • 12,000 free parking spaces, including 350 disabled spaces
  • Own Train Station (Meadowhall Interchange)
  • Own Bus Station (Meadowhall Bus Interchange)
  • Two Tram stops with links to Sheffield City Centre (Meadowhall East, Meadowhall Interchange)
  • Directly next to Junction 34 of the M1 Motorway

The centre contains over 280 shops, which are laid out in a rough two story 'curly bracket'
  • Market Street
  • High Street
  • Park Lane
  • The Arcade
  • The Oasis (Food Court)

The Anchor stores at each end, and centres are; Marks & Spencer, Debenhams, Next, Primark.
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Some news about the land near to meadowhall;

A LARGE Next Home and Garden store is being lined up as part of a proposed development next to Meadowhall.

Also earmarked for the vacant plot at the Sheffield Road/Vulcan Road entrance to the shopping mall are a Sytner car dealership and a drive-through Costa Coffee shop.

Meadowhall co-owners British Land have submitted plans to the council, and the authority will consider whether they are in line with local and national strategies designed to protect established shopping areas, including the city centre.
In other news, I spotted that two new eateries are being installed in Meadowhall;

Carluccio's are opening just as you enter the Oasis on the first floor (old Rib Shack unit - they have moved to Centretainment)

Also, something called "Caffe Rizzoli - Prosecco bar" are opening directly underneath Yo Sushi (near House of Fraser)
Drive through Costa Coffee?

I didn't realise we had moved to America.
Planning Application is online here.

Land And Buildings At Meadowhall Way, Meadowhall Drive, Vulcan Road And Weedon Street
S9 2FU

Demolition of buildings on Plots 3 and 4, erection of a retail unit including garden centre, car dealership and drive-through coffee shop and provision of associated car parking accommodation on Plot 5 and partial removal of embankment and stockpiling of soil of plots 3 and 4

Site Plan

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Shocked they are building on the over-flow!

Never thought i'd see the day.
Shocked they are building on the over-flow!

Never thought i'd see the day.
Where would that circus go when they're in town?

I do think Vulcan Rd, towards Meadowhall needs to be four lanes, not three - 1st goes left at the roundabout, two centre straight into Meadowhall, and the 4th turns right.

Looking at the site plan - there's not enough parking spaces for a Next Home & Gardens store, if that's indicative of the amount of spaces. I'm glad to see some development on that site, however.
Shocked they are building on the over-flow!

Never thought i'd see the day.
That land has been ripe for something for a long long time.

TBH I'm a bit underwhelmed with the prospect of a Next "Home & Garden" and a Costa, given that the area could be used for something that'd be a real draw for the area.
yeah i agree it is a bit underwhelming for that site, although there is so much spare land around meadowhall now that one of these large retail expansions / Ikea will most likely take it if they decide to go ahead
Let's help this new thread along and leave a link to this article, here.

We're shopping on the internet. Recession is killing the big chains. So what should we do with the streets that were once the heart of our communities? Six big thinkers reveal their plans
The only one that really has any traction with me is David Adjaye's idea of encouraging public buildings (as opposed to private buildings) to be presented in a 21st century way. But then I'm not everybody; what are your thoughts?
Shocked they are building on the over-flow!

Never thought i'd see the day.
fantastic more is good.:)
Lego opening in July in meadowhall.
Lego opening in July in meadowhall.
OH. MY. GOD. are you serious? my bank account is going to suffer sooo much!

They're advertising for jobs
Large Urban Outfitters store opened up I noticed when I visited on Saturday.

It's classed as the 'Sheffield' store on their website.
Dream job! is it worth taking a drop in wages? ohh decisions decisions!

Already applied :) did it straight away haha. It would be the perfect job for me! Lego Lego Lego!
Dream job! is it worth taking a drop in wages? ohh decisions decisions!
What is the wage rate per hour for the Lego store???
Dunno, but I'd be quite happy if it was simply a 20 second supermarket sweep style trolly dash every month :p
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