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Revitalization. Poland. Łódź.

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The biggest ongoing revitalization project in Europe: Łódź [Poland]. 20 proc. the city area. 120.000 inhabitants.
Not just XIX age factories revitalization, but gentrification. The New City Center is going to be developed.

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Looks good, nice use of public realm to push motor vehicles out to the perimeter. Are there any 'before' pictures to see what is there at the moment?
Project is EC1 heating plant revitalization is the most impressive.


In the proces:


The revitalized buildings of EC1 East fulfill educational cultural and artistic functions. Among others there is planetarium inside:
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The new railway station in Łódź

One of the biggest revitalization of a railway station last years. Łódź Fabryczna. The station is the key element of a gentrification project. Hopefully you will see the New City Center accomplished during EXPO 2022.


...and after.
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That woman with the little boy on the top photo, that can't be her natural hair colour. By the way, I for one welcome Poland as the newest addition to the United Kingdom, take that EU.
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