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Rhodes is a peninsula located just East of Homebush Bay precinct. It is around 20km West od CBD.

33-36m apartment. 3m floor to ceiling height.

Inside the Rhodes Waterside shopping centre. Half of the floor space is taken by Ikea.

Commerical area in the rear, shopping centre in the front.

Here is the main entrance. The coloured facade on top right is the bookshop.

It is a big shopping centre for a town of 14,000 people.

Here is the model inside the display suite. You can see how big the Ikea section is.

Only 1/3 of the section has been completed. 2/3 to go. It will be completed around 2011-2013.

That's the mangrove. The waterfront walkway just like the proposed East Darling Harbour. Cycleway goes all the way to Bicentennial Park.

Photo on the wall. You can see how big the site is.

And a closeup

I really like the quality of the apartments. It is exceptional. The way they have modelled the floorspace dedicating 2 split level penthouses.

You can see Mariner's Cove and other developments popping up on other side of river.

Here is the waterfront walkway.

and that's it...

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Rhodes is only 13km west of the Sydney CBD. :)

I have driven through Rhodes a few times in recent times, and also had a chance to inspect the area from the Olympic Park observation deck. In the past year it has progressed rapidly. The waterfront towers in Millux's photos were under construction just a year ago. The quality of the developments going up in the area is good, which is on par with the developments going up around Green Square in the inner city.

It's been better planned than other developments within Sydney. A nice mix between height and density as well.

Good shots Millux and thankyou for sharing them. :)

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I love a good TOD and as far as Transport Oriented Developments go Rhodes Waterside looks like a good one - good residential density, great location, shopping nearby, commercial component. And Rhodes railway station is right there & according to the Rhodes Waterside website, the station is being redeveloped at the moment. And as an added bonus I spy All Saints...ahh, I mean Concord Hospital nearby in those aerial photos :)

By the way Miliux, there's a whole thread where you can boast about the size of your Ikea :D
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