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Rhythm Asoke II | 30 Storey | Ratchadaphisek-Rama IX

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Construction has began about 2 weeks ago.

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Construction completion as of March 8, 2015

Update and progress as of today.

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Apologize, all the pictures I have posted are for AP Rhythm Asoke NOT for Rhythm Asoke II which is directly across from each other.

Perhaps moderator can move my pics to a new thread for Rhythm Asoke?

Rhythm Asoke will have 385 units and be 37 Floors for the pictures that I posted
Rhythm Asoke II Picture taken today......correct building pics which is directly across from Rhythm Asoke

Rhythm Asoke II on the right side Picture taken Aug 15, 2015

Rhythm Asoke II pic taken today. Currently on floor 8 today

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Rhythm Asoke 2 taken today

Finally they are beginning to work on the floors with units
Photo taken today!

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