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Hi everyone.

upon my trip to Florianopolis, in Santa Catarina state, in Brazil I went to visit the small town of Ribeirão da Ilha, approx. an hour bus ride south of the city of Florianopolis, and on the coast of the Island of Santa Catarina.

Ribeirão da Ilha is a coastal hamlet known for its oysters, and for having been founded by Azoreans. Matter of fact I found that the Portuguese that they spoke there sounded harsher and quite different from the Brazilian Portuguese I am used to hearing. While the village with its colorful buildings and attractive surroundings was quite bucholic, I had the impression that its inhabitants weren't all too welcoming to strangers.

This will be my last Brazilian picture thread for a while, as I have photos I have taken of other places I want to post in the future.

Let's start with the welcoming sign: “ I asked my Lord, where is your heart, he answered, do you know Ribeirão ?”....well at least it rhymes in Protuguese ;-)

The church of Ribeirão, on top of the hill: unfortunately I couldn't get inside. Even though I was there at 17:00 and it was supposed to close at 18:00 the guardian was attending a funeral.

Here in Ribeirão the dead have a great view:

We asked this lady where the museum of Ribeirão was, and instead she asked us who had died:

The typical houses of Riberão:

Streetviews of Ribeirão's historic center with its pastel-colored one-story houses:

The museum of Ribeirão, which was also closed. The guardian was there but didn't have the keys to open it to us :bash:

Some views of the coast and the sea separating the island of Santa Catarina from the mainland:

Walking back from the museum to Ribeirão:

A schack:

4 Dogs barking at us in front of a house:

Villa with well landscaped lawn:

More quaint views of the sea:

Getting back into town:streetviews and the typical one-story buildings

One last poetic view of the sea:

I hope you enjoyed the thread and look forward to your comments :cheers:
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