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Popular light festival "Staro Riga" happened 3rd time in row this year. It had 75 objects in total which is the record (last year was 56, year before even less). They were of different quality and also some permanent lightenment objects of city were included plus few from previous years as well.

1. Arena Riga, "Long Light" (I'm giving the official object's names).
Arena Riga was shining out the most light of all this year's festival objects. The blanket of rain clouds didn't let "Long Light" to irradiate into outer space and dizzling rain diffused them and created the effect you see in this picture.

2. DNB Nord bank, "Intersection of Lines".
DNB Nord bank building which is one of the best Riga's contemporary architecture examples itself, made it's look even more interesting in festival "Beaming Riga" time while projecting the plays of lines on the facade.

3. National opera, "Samsung's 3D metamorphosis". This light and music show on opera facade was nice and many acknowledged it as the best object this year, but to me it rather seems a bit like repetiition of last year's show on the same opera building. It was longer and with more scenes but this one was good with it's storyline:

At one moment, the skyscraper city is being projected:

Then the same city in daytime:

And then... everything became overgrown with greenery! Is show's authors predict the extinction of human race/urbanity and Earth's return to nature? Don't know but that's what I saw in this show. And liked the thought behind it.

4. Skanstes appartment highrises: "Colourful skyscrapers". They changed colours in quite many regimes.

5. Spīķeri, market warehouses: "Light forest".
Apparently this is inspired by "Avatar" movie.

6. "Illumination of Central market's pavillions".
Simple but nice anyway. Colours, of course, changed.

7. Moscow district, permanently lightened city object: "Riga's Ev. Lutheran Jesus Church's tower illumination"

8. Old Town, optical illusion object: "Climb".

9. Old Town: "Aquarium".

10. Old Town: "Laima's world of smiles". Famous chocolate factory "Laima" has made it's object second year in the festival.

11. Old Town, "Old Riga's scenes".

12. Old Town, Riga Russian Drama Theatre, permanent lighting.

13. Old Town, "Diamonds and stars".

14. Bastejkalns park, "Time Traveler".

15. Riga canal, "Tropical Delegation". "Are they real?" - a small girl asked to hers mother. "Of course, they are", mother answered. "Do they bites?" - the girl asked again. "No, no, they doesn't bite". The talk was about these "fishes" which are visiting Riga canal as one of the "Staro Riga 2010" light festival objects.

16. Brīvības boulevard, "The Way of light".

17. Esplanāde square, "Horse which only gallops". If you don't see horse here, don't worry - it was visible only in lights movement. This was one of guest-foreign artists made objects.

18. Esplanāde square, "Monument stories".
Most famous Latvian poet Rainis monument "talking" his poetry accompanied by coloured light.

19. Kronvalda park, "Musical fountain in autumn".

20. Old Town, "Sleeping pill".

21. Riga castle, "Riga dreams". This was very interesting - people could see their huge faces (as a heads of bumblebees and ladybugs) jumping up and down on castle's tower when they looked in special device.

22. Latvia's Radio, "On a wave".
Music and light show on radio building facade.

23. Riga canal: "The life of blossoms".

24. Alexander bridge, one of illuminated bridges over the canal.

25. Old Town's backyard: "Ghost house". This wasn't for people with weak nerves! Quite horrible sounds were coming from this building.. It was interesting but really a bit scary and depressing.

26. Old Town, "Read between the lines". And when you did that you could read the word "Rīga". Here the music was very light and optimistic, colours changed.

27. Old Town, "The Three Brother's Labyrinth". These are oldest appartment houses in Riga, btw. In this show, there was short, teasing episodes of different types of music and the windows were iluminated in green, blue, red and other colors. Nice and funny object - it was interesting to see some people getting pissed off when they didn't awaited "when the show will start finally"... But it was going on all the time! :)

28. Citadele area, church facade. "And Immortal I will rise towards the sun" (Rainis).

29. "On the path to light". New Citadele (ex-Parex) bank headoffice with Agriculture ministry. But the object was that labyrinth you see in front of Citadele building.

Few lightened objects which were not into festival's programme:

And, finally, fireworks:


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nice festival, I like it but I think most of attractions could be left permanent and turned on from some 18 to 21 or something all winter and later on summer.
It seems city would bankrupt then :)
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