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Good evening all.

I have a question regarding using Right to Light in the unorthodox way of adding weight to my case and allowing my development.

Now its not a skyscraper :S so I apologise in advance but someone recommended this forum as it had a lot of knowledgeable people.

Basically the area is on a corner of an urban city. This corner is made up of two terrace buildings not quite meeting up at the corner. Now all parts of these terrace buildings are four storeys high apart from my part which is only three.

I want to add another storey to mine and thus making it level with all other buildings surrounding. However planning permission was declined under the UDP (unitary development plan) The main point being the light to the property behind.

Now I guess the planners have just used the 45 degree rule and said "OK, the windows' 45 degree line is blocked currently but this additional storey would block it earlier thus reducing the available light."

I have done some reading around and there are more sophisticated ways of judging these matters as you all probably know "Right to Light". So what I would like to do is use Right to Light calculations to show that the properties in question will not lose any significant light and thus hopefully allowing my project to go ahead.

What calculations would I need to justify (or not as the case maybe) that the windows will not receive significant loss of light?

From what I gather, I need:

Vertical Sky Component - before and after
Waldram diagram - before and after
Solar Envolope - before and after
No Sky Lines in Rooms - before and after

Would this be considered a complete package to show IF the windows / rooms are affected by my proposed fourth storey? Also could some be left out and still be considered complete?

Thanks in advance for reading this and your time!
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