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Plz post in English only, so that non-Croats can join in and comment.

[Rijeka] Updates & Construction (English Version Only)


  • Tower center Rijeka (150 mil €, november 2006) 1 2
  • Rijeka bypass (east): Orehovica – Sv. Kuzam section (45.5 mil €, december 2006) jpeg jpeg2 jpeg3 jpeg4 1 during construction, rest on [Autocesta A7] thread
  • City cemetary central building (4.5 mil €, october 2007) 1 2
  • Zagrad (20 mil €, 2008) 1
  • Trsat Pastoral Episcopate Centre "The Hall of Pope John Paul II" (1.6 mil €, june 2008) 1 2
  • Rujevica POS residential area (11.5 mil €, july 2008) 1
  • Kantrida swimming pool complex (35 mil €, july 2008) 1 2 3 4 5 6 more at [Rijeka] - bazeni Kantrida
    • Kantrida swimming pool complex - Phase 5 (finished in June 2011.) 1 2
  • Completion of Rijeka-zagreb motorway (22. 10. 2008.) 1 2 3 4
  • ‘Superator’ project Agatic, Intelligent Building (city center) - 7.5 mil €, by the ned of 2008 1 jpeg
  • Planetarium and Astronomical center - 1.75 mil €, expected in december 2008 (finished in april 2009) 1 2 3 4
  • Zamet center and Zamet sport hall - 21.2 mil €, expected in may 2009 (finished in september) 1 2 3 4 5 6 more at [Rijeka] - Centar Zamet thread
  • Rijeka Gateway project - 155 mil $ 1 2 3 4 5 [Rijeka] - Rijeka Gateway
    • Cruise ship terminal - (don't know exact price because iit is being build as a part of gateway project) – in july 2009
  • Sušak University Hospital Center - 300 mil €, not until 2020 1 2 3
    • Phase 1: Hemodialysis building - 7.5 mil € (opened on 17.11.2009.) 1 2
  • Rijeka bypass (south lane) - 137 mil €, expected to be finished before 2010 (finished 22.12.2009 :cheers:) jpg 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 rest on [Autocesta A7] thread snow jpeg 16
  • Kvarner vista project - 25.2 mil €, (february 2010.) 1 2
  • Kantrida athletic gymnasium - 5 mil €, (may 2010) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  • Upgrade of water supply system - 3.6 mil € currently, last of the current phase will end in sep 2009
  • Rujevica POS phase 2 - 4.7 mil € - july 2010 1 2 3 4
  • University campus of Rijeka – phase 1 - 70 mil €, expected in 2009
    • Academy of applied arts - October 2006
    • Science and Technology Park Rijeka (STeP Ri) - 1.2 mil €, expected in january 2009 (finished in april) 1 2 3
    • Faculty of Philosophy - January 2011
    • Road infrastructure - January 2011
    • Canteen - April 2011
    • Faculty of Civil engineering - November 2011
  • Rijeka Gateway project - 155 mil $
    • D 404 junction road - 43(?) mil €, should be done in 2009 (but didn't, hopefuly it will be in 2010, opened on May 30th 2011. :nuts:) jpeg Pecine tunnel 1 2 3

  • Rijeka Gateway project - 155 mil $ 1 2 3 4 5 [Rijeka] - Rijeka Gateway
    • Expansion of Brajdica container terminal - started in march 2010. end is expected in 2013. 1 2 3 4 5
  • University campus of Rijeka – phase 1 - 70 mil €, expected in 2009 1 2 3 4 5 6 jpeg 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
    • University sections
      • Mathematics, Physics, Informatics
      • University center for Biology and Ecology
      • Computer modeling center
      • University informatic center
    • Social and Cultural centre
  • Rijeka bypass (east): Sv. Kuzam - Križišće section - 110 mil €, expected in june 2011. jpeg jpeg2 [Autocesta A7] thread 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  • Mosque and Islamic center - 4-5 mil €, expected by the end of 2009 or begining of 2010 1 2
  • Refinery shut down – new business complex in rafinery area
  • Zagrad B - 6 mil. € - 2010/11
  • West Trade Center (ZTC) 1 2 more on [Rijeka] - Zapadni Trgovacki Centar (ZTC) thread 3 4
  • Srdoči kindergarten - 2.4 mil € - 2011 1
  • Central waste management centre - Marišćina 1
  • Pastoral Centre "Riječ i Život" (translate: "Word and Life") - Baptist Church 1
  • Expaansion of Omišalj crude oil terminal (8 tanks = 640.000m3 + 100.000m3 for petroleum products) - 115 mil €, started in february 2011., expected in 2015.


  • Rijeka Gateway II - 88 mil € (128.4 mil $) 1 2 3 more at [Rijeka] - Rijeka Gateway
    • D403 junction road jpeg jpeg2
    • Extension of Zagreb pier - 33 mil € + 40 mil € for sanation of soil (estimated total investment of Public–private partnership in infrastructure and suprastructure is 250 - 300 mil € ), should be done by 2013
  • Delta complex 1 2 3
    • Central city park 1
  • Sušak University Hospital Center - 300 mil €, not until 2020
  • Modern and Contemporary Arts Museum - over 20 mil € 1 2
  • New City library - 12 mil €, starts in 2010... ?? 1 2-video
  • Školjić rehabilitation and recreation complex
  • West Žabica bus terminal - 40 mil € 1 jpeg 2 - video 3 4 - video
  • Kastav Trade Center - 200 mil €, start in 2009 1
  • Gomila complex (archaeological park and underground garage) - 70 mil € 1 2
  • Underground garages and new city roads - 26.7 mil €, in 2008 and 2009
  • Rjecina bank and Hartera reconstruction 1
  • Rujevica city stadium and Rujevica city arena 1
  • Rujevica secundary city center
  • Rujevica residential area (aprox. 3.200 apartments, schools, church, sports hall, shopping mall...) 1
  • Martinkovac-Diracje 1000 new apartments - 150 mil €, start in 2009, expected in 2012 1
  • Kantrida marina and hotel - 21 mil €, date unknown
  • Preluk tourism area - 130 mil €
  • Kostabela tourism area
  • Shooting Range hall
  • Shopping (city) centre in Kikovica – Grobnik (100 mil € - 60 mil € shopping centre; 40 mil € road infrastructure) 1 2
  • Drenova POS residential area 1
  • Business-Apartment complex Novi Belveder 1 2
  • University campus of Rijeka – phase 2
    • University sections (Biology and Chemistry)
    • Faculty of Maritime studies
    • Faculty of Economy
    • University Library
    • Dormitory
    • Sport infrastrucure (optional)
  • Sušak University Hospital Center - 300 mil €, not until 2020 1 2 3
    • Phase 2: shoud start in 2011. - 125 mil €
      • Gynecology section
      • Pediatrics section
      • Technical block
    • Phase 3: new general medicine complex
    • Phase 4: reconstruction of current buildings (they will be used as college study area)
  • Refuge for women victims of violence 1

  • Expansion of city container port (Voz, Krk island, new container temnial)
  • New Krk bridge jpeg
  • LNG terminal (Omisalj, Krk island) 1 2
  • New Rijeka bypass (Permani - Konj)
  • High-speed railway Rijeka – Zagreb – Botovo (Hungarian border) railway - 3.65 billion € (Ri-Zg) 1 2 3
  • Liburnic bypass (from Rijeka to Medveja)
  • New Ucka Tunnel (as a part of A8 motorway) EIA jpeg
  • Oil pipeline Omišalj (Krk island) - mainland - 11 mil €
  • Gas pipeline Omišalj (Krk island) - Kukuljanovo (mainland industrial zone) - 23 mil €
  • Platak ski resort 1
here are Rijeka's projects that were finished in last couple of years and ones that are going to be build in near future :cheers:

in the first map which covers east part of Rijeka we can see massive achievement in road infrastructure. there is completely new east bypass of Rijeka, which streches from Orehovica to St. Kuzam, opened in dec 2006. there is also national road D404 which connects city center and east bypass. this part will be opened in copule of months. and you can see Rijeka's bypass which is being widened so it will be 2x2 profiled in all it's length.:cheers:

blue line is city railroad system which is going to be some sort of a metro in the future

1. Tower center (shopping center worth 150 mil EUR, opened in nov 2006)
2. Brajdica container terminal (part of Rijeka Gateway project)
3. Trsat university campus (phase I - 70 mil EUR, expectred in sep 2009)
4. Sušak university hospital (300 mil EUR, expected by 2020)
5. Sv. Križ Planetarium and Astronomical center (1.75 mil EUR, opened in apr 2009)
6. Trsat Pastoral Episcopate Centre "The Hall of Pope John Paul II" (1.6 mil €, june 2008)
33. gas station Donja Vežica
39. underground garage on square of Mažuranić brothers
40. underground garage Vojak, near Paris
44. marina Pećine

this is the map of city center. the roads taht are being built are bypass of Rijeka (widened to 2x2), national road D404 which will connect Zagreb quay and the bypass (it will be built in 4 years period), and county road Ž5025 which connects Rijeka and Viškovo

blue line is city railroad system which is going to be some sort of a metro in the future

7. Zagreb quay container terminal (33 mil EUR, expected in 2013)
8. cruise ship passenger terminal (expected in may 2009)
9. Delta complex - Rijeka waterfront project
10. Porto Baroš megayachts marina
11. West Žabica bus terminal (40 mil EUR)
12. West Trade Center (ZTC)
13. Zagrad 1 (20 mil EUR, 2008)
14. Zagrad 2 (6 mil EUR, 2010/11)
15. Gomila complex - archaeological park and underground garage (70 mil EUR)
16. City library (12 mil EUR, starts in 2010)
17. ‘Superator’ project Agatic, Intelligent Building (7.5 mil EUR, dec 2008)
18. Business-Apartment complex Novi Belveder
19. Rujevica secundary city center (Minakovo)
20. residential area Rujevica POS - phase 1 (11.5 mil EUR, jul 2008) - phase 2 (4.7 mil EUR, 2010)
21. fish stock market (FishLog project)
22. Modern and Contemporary Arts Museum in Rikard Benčić (over 20 mil EUR)
23. Rjecina bank and Hartera reconstruction
24. Školjić rehabilitation and recreation complex
35. Kvarner Vista project (intelligent buildings Lovor and Lavanda in Krnjevo)
41. undergorund garage and commercial area Brajda
42. business building on the corner of Pomerio and Prvomajska
43. Refinery shut down – new business complex in rafinery area
46. future city goverment's building (baroque sugar rafinery palace)

the west most part of the bypass is shown in this map. and road 233 (Rijeka-Kastav)
25. Kantrida swimming pool complex (35 mil EUR, july 2008)
26. Kantrida athletic gymnasium
27. Zamet center and Zamet sport hall (21.2 mil EUR, may 2009)
28. Kantrida marina and hotel (21 mil EUR)
29. Martinkovac-Diracje 1000 new apartments (150 mil EUR, start in 2009, expected in 2012)
30. Kastav Trade Center (200 mil EUR, start in 2009)
34. reconstruction of church in Srdoči
36. Plodine trade center in Srdoči
37. baptist church/temple
38. Mosque and Islamic center (4-5 mil €, 2010)
45. garage base of Autotrolej
47. Rujevica city stadium and Rujevica indoor arena

31. Preluka hotel complex
32. Costabela tourism area

Rijeka bypass

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so let's start

Tower Center Rijeka

this project was 150 mil € big. the construction was finished in november 2006 (the shopping center was opened in 2006, but tower wasn't opened at the same time. actually the tower itself isn't opened yet, but it is in final phase of development)

area of entire center is 62.292 m2
main shopping area is 11.376 m2
shopping area is 5 levels above ground
parking area is 53.724 m2
parking area is consisted of 3 levels underground and 7 levels above
no. of parking spaces - 2100
total area of center is 127.824 m2
tower is 15 levels above highest shopping level (60m high)
tower area is 11.800 m2


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Kantrida swimming pool complex (35 mil €, july 2008)

this complex is first sport venue built in Rijeka in last 20 years. it was financed by the city of Rijeka. it is built for european swiming championship which is going to take place by the end of 2008.
the complex consists of two olimpic size swiming pools (an old one that isn't covered, and a new one with movable rooftop), one small pool which is going to be used for warming up, and new pool for jumps which is going to be built in 2009. there is also a car garage for 200 vehicels, an fitness centre, restaurant and cafee bar on top of the complex. below pools there is a new town beach which is going to be finished for the summer of 2009.


I come in peace \V/
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super stuff Ivan :) :eek:kay:

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Next big project announced in Rijeka is project Waterfront (Delta complex). it is probably the biggest project in Rijeka since the beginning of 20th century. Waterfront project resolves issue of opening city centre to the sea. It is going to be built on the Delta area which lies betwin Rječina river and Mrtvi kanal (Dead channel). This is going to be very expensive project. the calculations say it is going to cost over 300 mil €.


  • The Delta Ares is in close contact to the Rijeka City
  • The Delta Area will create a new sea way access to the City
  • The Delta Area is visible from almost every corner of the City
  • The Delta Area is situated close to popular sites: Korzo Street, Market and Theatre
Three dimensions of the project
Recreational Park Life
  • The new City Park will add great values to existing city living
  • The City Park is easily integrated in the existing pedestrian network
  • The new Promenade along the river banks and the sea extend and integrate
    the park in the whole Delta
Active Water Life
  • The new City Access to the waterfront will bring back active water life, that has been denied the public for generations.
  • The new City Marina will attract tourists and related business
Dynamic City Life
  • Rijeka City Centre is dynamic with street events, great shopping possibilities, café and restaurants.
  • The Delta Area will build on the successes and add more themes and values to the already existing
  • The New City Centre will be dynamic and safe with limited access for vehicles

Major landmarks and public spaces

Proposed logidtic structure

Pedestrian network

Phases of the project

Existing conditions Delta North
  • Delta North is used for public parking and as a temporary parking/station area for city busses. The area is surrounded by the two watercourses,
  • Mrtvi kanal and Rjecina River. The first is a "dead" canal and falls out into the inner corner of Port Baros.
  • The Rijecina River is an artificial reorientation of the original riverbed which then became the current Mrtvi kanal. The river and canal banks seem well maintained.
  • The area is intersected by an - for the time being - important feeder road. The traffic from this road is planned to be transferred to the future 404 connection.

Existing Conditions Delta South
  • The area is used for storage of raw cut timber and raw cut stone blocks.
  • The buildings in the area consist primarily of a large concrete warehouse and large but light structured shelters Close to the new 404 a building is used by the University as Art College.
  • The South-West part of the area is occupied by the sewage plant.
  • The South area is intersected by a railway track.
  • The whole area is based on landfill

Current Conditions Port of Baros
  • The port area includes the Northern part with existing buildings, the promenade, the pier and the water break.
  • The Northern part occupied with buildings includes two important structures.
  • The red building is in the process of being listed as National Cultural Heritage
  • The green building is currently used by the Port Administration/Port Office.
  • It has not been possible to get access to reports of detailed conditions of the constructions on the water front.
  • The depth along the quay is not less than 6.5 meter.

The schedule for developing the area is highly dependent on how the identified constraints are handled.
  • The development has to follow the rhythm of clearing the site and establishment of the traffic infrastructure connecting the Delta to the city structure.
  • At the same time it is important to establish a critical mass that is able to generate the interest and feasibility to complete the whole plan.
  • The Consultants recommend division of the establishment in lots that will be
    released for tender according to availability.

The first phase can be planned from two tactics:
  • Firstly to focus on the most prosperous areas of the urban part to establish a critical mass for utilisation and value adding effect, that will raise the value for the remaining phases.
  • The marina, Hotel(s) and service suppliers, including restaurants and tourist shops will be the most attractive investment objects.
  • Attractive offices and high quality apartments will be part of first phase as well. Establishing the beach will add more interest to this first phase and will secure ositive public interest for the plans.

This is how it could look when it's done


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University campus Rijeka (Trsat) - part 1

University campus Rijeka:

This is very important project for the city. It is being built from scratch on the nearby hill of Trsat, historical core of the city with medieval castle and pilgrim centar. This is considered to be the turning point in transformation from the industrial city to the city of knowledge. That is the reason why city of Rijeka invested a lot of money (20 mil €) and infrastructure to abandoned military complex, which was dispossessed in 2003. Complex was given to city's disposition in exchange for very attractive building in the centre of Rijeka.

First phase of the campus will be finished by the end of 2009. Investments for this phase were provided by croatian goverment and it is around 70 mil €.

Plan of construction for this phase:
  • Academy of applied arts
  • Dormitory and Canteen
  • University sections
  • Faculty of Philosophy
  • Faculty of Civil engineering
  • Social and Cultural centre

Academy of applied arts

The building in which this academy is situated is actually renovated central building of old military complex. It was originally built in 1926. and renovated and reopened 3rd of november 2006. Now this building hosts not only the Academy, but also Psichology section of Faculty of Philosophy, student council centre, campus coordination centre, office for students with special needs and Art History Institute (artistic topography of Croatia centre). Object is situated in the lower southern part of new Campus. Total area of the building is 8200 m2


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University Campus Rijeka (Trsat) - part 2

for start - big thanks to gorgoroth for the pictures from the construction site of the new Campus:cheers:

Dormitory and Canteen

Dormitory and Canteen are necessary fro this new city of knowledge on Trsat.
Canteen object is going to be built soon, in fall of 2008, for cost of 8 mil €. Object is consisted of a restourant and big kitchen (4500 meals/day), cake shop and coffee bar, dorm management with reception. The restaurant itself is going to be in glass with an view of entire Kvarner bay. There is also an underground garage for 100 vehicels. Area of entire object is 7300 m2.
Dormitory will be built next year. Construction will start in november 0f 2008.

University sections
  • University sections of Mathematics and Physics
  • University centre for Biology and Ecology
  • Computer modeling centre
  • University section of Computer Science
Object is designed for needs of University sections of Mathematics and Physics, University centre for Biology and Ecology, Computer modeling centre and University section of Computer Science. It is extremely complex project, which costs 15.7 mil €. The building is going to be 10100m2 big and situated in upper central part of the Campus. It is going to be finished in february 2009.

Social and Cultural centre (DKC)

The construction of this object will start in 2009 and it should be done by the ned of 2009.

A) Hall with supporting content
  • Multifunctional hall (able to divide in two smaller halls) with according scenic space, management, translator cabins
  • DKC Gallery
  • Complementary rooms (classrooms/seminars, sections/organizations, management)
  • Technical rooms (equipment management, preparation room...)
B) Complementary content
  • University Library, stationer's shop, CD shop...
  • Jazz/disco club, videostore, bank
  • Internet caffe, Coffee shop, pizzeria, club, restaurant


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University Campus Rijeka (Trsat) - part 3

again thanks to gorg for the photos:cheers:

Faculty of Philosophy

This will be an building for needs of Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Schoolmaster/Teachers with student consulting centre and underground garage for 200 vehicles. Area of the object is 21015 m2. This object will be situated in lower west part of Campus. It is going to be finished in february 2009 for 22 mil €.

Faculty of Civil engineering

This will be an building for needs of Faculty of Civil engineering and underground garage for 200 vehicles. Area of the object is 14260 m2. This object will be situated in upper central part of Campus. It is going to be finished in august 2009 for 16 mil €.

this is all that is going to be built in phase one of this Campus. There is a second phase planned for the period after 2010, and third phase which is going to be announced after this two phases.:cheers:

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Zamet Centre - part 1

Zamet center and Zamet sport hall - 21.2 mil €, may 2009

Zamet centre is new project which is going to improve life quality in Rijeka West area. This, 21.2 mil € project, is built by S Immorent. After this centre is done it is going to be leased by Rijekasport for 25 years.
Preliminary activities for the project were made by the end of 2007, during which there was over 100.000 m3 of stones and dirt.
This is an complex project consisted of an sports hall, garage, public square, section of public library, local committee Zamet and commercial area. There will be used 10.000 m3 of concrete and 800 t of iron. the roof construction will be 750 t heavy. Modern design of this centre was made by 3LHD Studio.

Sport Hall Capacity
  • Telescop stands = 2.184 seats
  • VIP-section = 128 seats
  • TOTAL 2.312 seats (23 seats for handicap)
  • Hall = 6.794,26 m2
  • Garage = 6.625,19 m2
  • Public square = 4.283,49 m2
  • Public library section = 355,95 m2
  • Local committee Zamet = 366,62 m2
  • Commercial area – market, bank, coffee bar = 1.485,79 m2

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Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka - part 1

The Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka (CHCR) is an academic medical center located at 3 different hospital sites in Rijeka, providing education, research and a full range of specialty patient care to nearly 500,000 people living in the Primorsko-Goranska and the surrounding counties.

CHCR is staffed with highest level of academic and clinical excellence, 1200 nurses and 450 physicians who are full- or part-time faculty members of the University of Rijeka School of Medicine. It offers the most advanced specialty care in: world-class heart surgery, transplantation, reproductive and infertility and other programs; six referral centers for kidney transplants, demyelinization diseases, posttraumatic stress syndrome, psoriasis, pediatric lung diseases and epilepsy and convulsive disease of the early age; ambulatory-care with the full spectrum of preventive, diagnostic and treatment functions in state-of-the-art facilities. Medical and surgical intensive care units with the most technologically advanced equipment are staffed by physicians and nurses who specialized in caring for critically ill adults.

Teams of specialists, nurses, biochemists, pharmacists, biologists, chemists, physicists, psychologists, and others use advanced diagnostics and medical technology to provide the highest quality of comprehensive, compassionate and accessible healthcare including 24-hour emergency services to patients of all ages.

The Board, administration and staff of the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka are committed to excellence in continuing medical education and aspire to become a more efficient, cost-effective and customer friendly institution.

General information

Employees: 3000
Beds: 1191
Sites: 3 (Rijeka, Sušak, Kantrida)

Current status

The Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka (KBC Rijeka) is one of two Clinical Hospital Centers in Croatia and central medical facility of this part of Croatia. It was founded on march 1st 1982. by merging 3 independent hospitals, Children hospital'Kantrida', General hospital 'Braće dr. Sobol' and General hospital 'dr. Zdravka Kučića'. So there are 3 remote sites which are functioning as one hospital

Site Kantrida

Site Rijeka

Site Sušak

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Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka - part 2

300 mil € is going to be invested into new Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka. In ideal conditions (political will and enough money) this project should be finished as late as 2020.
New Clinical Hospital Center will be built on Trsat hill betwin new Campus and existing hospital site Sušak. There is going to be built 9 new objects on 240.000 m2 area.
  • Building 1
    Central Hospital facility - new building
  • Building 2 i 2a
    Children Hospital facility and Gynaecology and Maternity Clinic - new building
  • Building 3
    Termoenergetic Unit, Central Kitchen + Maintenance drives and Workshops – upgrade of an existing building
  • Building 4
    Medical Supply – Pharmacy, Laundry service, autopsy part of Pathology, Psychiatry Clinic, Science and Reasearch facilities- reconstruction of an existing building
  • Building 5
    Management and Education facilities and associated area - reconstruction of an existing building
  • Building 6
    Haemodialysis facility - new building
  • Building 7
    Underwater and Hyperbaric medicine Center with Recompression chamber - new building
  • Building 8
    Medical Gases station - new building
  • Object 9
    opened parking lot - new building

This Clinical Hospital Center is planned for accommodation of cca 1000 patients. There will be polyclinic organization, diagnostics and therapeutic content. New daycare Hospital with daily surgery is anticipated. There is going to be built Central OP Unit with 12 OP halls and 9 separate OP halls (in apart facilities), Central Intensive Care Unit, Emergency and Lab Diagnostics.


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Rijeka Gateway

Port of Rijeka - the Adriatic Gateway to Europe

Rijeka, Croatia, March, 3 2006 - By 2009, Rijeka*, the third largest city in Croatia and Croatia’s largest port, will look more like Barcelona or Baltimore.

Its new facilities will accomodate cruisers of up to 500 passengers and other passenger ships. The central part of the Rijeka basin will be opened up for commercial use, while local citizens and visitors will be able to access the coastal area, creating an attractive Mediterranean port city.

The reconstruction of the Rijeka seaway, known as the Rijeka Gateway, was initiated by the Croatian Government in cooperation with the World Bank.

This project will change the face of the city and help increase the competitiveness of the Croatian economy by improving the international traffic sector in Rijeka for cargo and passenger transport, modernizing the connections between the harbor and road networks and revitalizing the harbor business activities through better road and bridge maintenance.

The works

A loan of $156.6 million will go towards financing major improvements and transformations including:

-the reconstruction of the harbor's infrastructure;
-the replacement of equipment used for handling heavy cargo;
-the development of the border area between the harbor and the city;
-improvement of management and security of the harbor traffic and environmental protection;
-finishing up the western part of the Rijeka roundabout and construction of a connection road for the harbor;
-as well as reconstruction of the Krk Island bridge.

The extension of Rijeka's Zagreb Pier, which should be completed by January 2009, will help Rjieka take in large vessels. By then, Rijeka should have a completely modernized container terminal in the eastern part of the city and a new, modern cargo terminal in the western part of the city.

The central part of the harbor will also be drastically changed.

The new passenger terminal situated in the centre of the city will have all necessary facilities intended for passengers and cruiseships and will become the centerpoint of the new Rijeka waterfront. A part of the port known as Delta will be transformed into a hotel and commercial area along the sea with attractive public spaces. In an area of the old harbor called Porto Baroš, a marina will also be built.

Jobs for the city and region

“The development of the port that has already begun and the future increase in commercial activities in Delta and Porto Baroš, should bring significant benefits to the community," said Executive Director of the Port Authority Mr. Bojan Hlaca.

"According to our consultants, it is expected that 2,000 jobs will be created in Rijeka and another 1,000 in the region," Hlaca added. "Most of the work will be sea related, and some will be related to tourism. By the year 2020, the budget of the Republic of Croatia should receive an average $18.5 million from taxes on profit realized throught business activities in Rijeka."

"It is estimated that by the year 2025, the business activity in the region will be worth more than €200 million from visitors spending in the area of the project and that €350 million of added value in the region will be created through the spending of foreign tourists and domestic visitors. “

A major traffic route and gateway to Europe

Rijeka Gateway project will create a dominant traffic route in Croatia, connecting seaways with European road and railway corridors. Already, because of established road transport through the corridor V, the port of Rijeka generates around 40% of its cargo traffic with Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Traffic growth should make Rijeka one of the main ports in the Central and Eastern Europe.

In the long run, once Croatia is a member of the European Union (EU), the Croatian economy and its transport system will become an integral part of the EU transportation network. The growth of the Rijeka Port will depend on the role and importance of the transit traffic which Croatia will be capable of attracting as a member country.

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Rijeka Gateway Project

The overall objective of the Rijeka Gateway Project is to increase Croatia's trade competitiveness by improving the international transport chain through the Rijeka Gateway for both freight and passengers traffic through modernizing the port and road network connections, and privatizing port operations. Specific objectives include: (i) increasing efficiency and improving financial, social and environmental conditions at Rijeka Port, rehabilitating infrastructure and replacing equipment; (ii) preparing to redevelop part of Rijeka Port for urban purposes; and (iii) improving international road connections linked to the Rijeka gateway, and the administration of the road sector. The project includes three components: (a) port restructuring and modernization; (b) port/city interface redevelopment; and (c) international road improvements. To allow smooth transfer of the operations related to the handling of woods and timber the first component will include (i) infrastructure rehabilitation works at the western port area: demolition of outdated multi-storied warehouses that restrict open storage space and port performance, with the exception of two which will be rehabilitated for their historical value; (ii) superstructure works would be designed to facilitate terminal lease concessions; (iii) rehabilitation of Becko (Vienna) berth and repaving and rehabilitation of utility networks; and (iv) restoration and protection along the Zagrebacko berth (includes construction of a berthing capacity of a minimum 250 m length to allow vessels of 15 m draft and more to service the port of Rijeka), and backlog rehabilitation works needed in various part of the port to complement the above works. The second component aims at the development of a waterfront area open to business and commercial activities. The project will finance preparation works at the Delta and Porto Baros areas, as well as the construction of a passenger terminal along the breakwater. The third component will finance HC (Croatian Roads Company) management capacity improvements, such as technical assistance and training and supervision services for civil works and equipment installation for both HC and HAC (Croatian motorways Company) road/bridge works components. Implementation of the pavement and bridge management systems (PMSBMS) was initially supported under the Bank's Highway Sector Project. Small equipment. PMS/BMS software upgrade, and technical assistance/training will be financed under the project, including software to improve HC's ability to administer the road network. Preparation of an axle load study to develop a strategy for enforcement and eventual adoption of the European Union standard; and prevention of excessive damage to the national roads network through pilot fixed scale installation will be also included under the project.
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