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To summarize Jakarta in one word would be very hard but the first that comes out of my head is chaos. Home to almost 13 mio inhabitians (depending on how you count it) with an infrastructur even worse than Lappand. Cars and the mopeds rule this city. It is so polluted that even when there are no clouds you still can't see the sun and everywhere in this facinating city you'll find new skyscrapers rising to the skies. Another word for Jakarta: booming..
I find the city to be very facinating, even though I couldn't really enjoy it the way I'm used to enjoy cities, due of the lack of pavements ;) I wasn't abe to take that many good pictures of the city but I'l hope you'll forgive me :)

Jakarta tall


the countryside

Javanese vulcanos

Thx for watching. A bigger thread with Bali pictures is on its way :)
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Looking big, hot and very exotic, just as Jakarta is! Great shots. :)
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