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Rio de Janeiro - Rio Towers

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Rio Towers
Reported by Virgilio Grimaldi

News: Construction begins after 2-year delay.

Rio de Janeiro: The construction of Rio Towers, designed to be the largest office building in Rio, finally started, almost two years later than the initial estimative.

Located in a 8550 sqm lot, the building with more than 100000 sqm of rentable area will be the largest in Rio de Janeiro.

Designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and Aflalo e Gasperini Arquitetos Associados, the building will feature a glass curtain wall and granite facade, as well as two helipads (one for each phase of the building).

The building will be built in two phases, the first phase is scheduled to end by 2008.

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Thanks for the news Mauricio.

Where will the towers be located - Barra? I'm interested to see what the renderings look like.

I just got back from Rio last week - hopefully the scale and design of the towers will be more successful than the Rio Sul Shopping tower in Botafogo. I assume that they're renovating it because it was covered in scaffolding, but that building is so out of scale that it really calls attention to itself which is unfortunate because the design is so pedestrian.

Thanks again for the news.
The tower has a good looking.
I saw two diferente renders on emporis,wich one of those is the current design?
I hope, it will be the first rendering
:redx: :redx: I can't see pics. :no: :no:
:dunno: Me neither. :dunno:
Not a great design RIO deserves better.
I saw two diferente renders on emporis,wich one of those is the current design?
I think they are both the current design, one is the front and the other the back of the building.

Where will the towers be located - Barra?
Nope, it will be located in the downtown area of Rio.
(Av. Chile, 300 Centro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

I haven't got much information about this building. I was hoping the guys from Brazil would have some more info but I guess they rather keep things in their forum.

If I come across any other rendering I will post it here, and if I get construction pics I might move this thread to the construction section.

This is where I think the building will be located...

Somebody correct me if I am wrong...

very nice design actually, How tall are they?
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