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River Street Tower | 92m | 32 fl

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This is going to make some people on here very excited...

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On a serious note. Is this actually....(fill in as appropriate) or is it another pipe dream?
Posted by Flange last October.

New owners of the site on River Street (M15), Chelmer Developments, welcomed the arrival of Red Bull Street Light Sessions, and are confident this will mark an exciting turning point in the building’s future.
Great find Guy. :applause:

Does look a goer..

The launch of this website marks the start of our consultation with local people and stakeholders which will run for four weeks until 17 June 2012. During this time we are committed to providing information, as well as opportunities for people to give us feedback and suggestions to help us develop our proposals further.
Who's going? :)

We are also hosting an exhibition where you will be able to view our plans in more detail and speak with members of our Project Team. The exhibition is taking place at the Jurys Inn Hotel on Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester on Monday 11 June 2012 from 2pm – 8pm.
Good find but Chelmer Developments?

*remains sceptical*
looks identical to the Doon Street development currently working its way through planning for London
Just rang up regarding the public exhibition and it's definitely taking place. Fingers crossed.
Shades of Simpson's Owen Street. (single tower)

Too few parking spaces for the number of appartments. Can't see that getting past planning no matter how much they say its short stay appartments those people will have cars and most of it will be long term lets as they already mentioned key workers. Nurses don't generally move around every month.
A huge difference to what was planned which was to use the existing shell of the building.

Great to see a big proposal, helps fill in more gaps with Student Castle and Hilton now.
So is this a sign that developers see residential towers as potentially profitable once again?
Quite skinny. Looks like that residential high-rise in the Northern Quarter.

Still, it's a nice idea, and high-rises are always welcome :D

Looking forward to seeing a more detailed proposal.

But not sure about 20 spaces being enough for 600 apartments, even if it's short stay. There's enough land around there for them to offer dedicated, secure parking.
SteKnight said:
So is this a sign that developers see residential towers as potentially profitable once again?
Let's hope so. This and the Trinity Way development are both new and appear fairly serious. The only way is up ;)
Good news Manchester :)

Nice to see some beastly high-rises at least being proposed.

Although I must say it's not the location I would of chosen, feels just a little bit too far out? Although I suppose land value is cheaper etc etc.

Then again, I'd take a 40+ storey pretty much anywhere in Leeds city limits right about now.

Good luck - will be practically subscribing to this thread from now on.
What are the prospects of this getting financing?

Crossing my fingers, arms, legs, toes, eyes...
Judging by the massing, I'd guess that it will look like Simpson's Stratford city proposal (in terms of the glazed profiles and random clad panelled broader elevations. I would love it if the practice could propose a tower that did not have random cladding, just to give it some separation and distinction from Beetham.

Still, won't get excited yet. But what a great addition, (and a building that from some views would actually challenge Beetham on the skyline). Just get the Intercontinental hotel up, its neighbour and we'd have a top cluster.
:banana: Good stuff!

Wasn't expecting much from this site - but hey, we'll take this!!

Who thinks ISA have regurgitated the Crown Tower design?

This, with Beetham, Vivo and 17NWS, would make a mighty fine entrance to the city!
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