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we already have a separate thread for the biggest tower in this project ( King Abdullah Tower ) , but this thread is for the whole project which comprise of 11 separate buildings / towers , so here we go :




The project will be located at the corner of King Abdullah and King Khaled Road (Salboukh) at an empty L-shaped lot separating King Saud University from the adjacent neighbourhood.

The project will be owned by King Saud University (KSU) Business Sector, the project will be part of the university endowments that serve the King Saud University Development.

The project will comprise from 11 separate buildings / towers that include a convention center / mall, office & 7-star hotel tower of 50 floors, a medical building, a 5-Star Hotel of 250 Keys, 2 hotel (suites) buildings and 5 office buildings of different heights.

  • Total built-up area: 680,000 m2.
  • Year of Completion: 2012

====== Renders :

5 Stars Hotel

7 Stars Hotel

5 Stars Hotel

====== Pictures ( I'll upload more later ) :

Al-Rashid signs SR1.6bn contract for King Saud University
The local Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Company has signed a SR1.6bn ($427m) contract for a housing project at King Saud University.
In January the firm received a letter of intent from the client, King Saud University, for the construction of 12 buildings of 10 storeys in height, along with 403 villas and site development work.

The contract was signed in the first half of February.

The site will cover a built-up area of 400,000 square metres. Work is expected to take three years (MEED 19:1:09).

The local Al-Yamama Company for Trading & Contracting submitted the second lowest bid of SR1.95bn, with Saudi Binladin Group coming in third with SR2.6bn and Sweden's ABV Rock offering SR3.4bn.
The High Commission Of The Development Of Riyadh discuss last night this project and agreed on it by prince Sattam Bin Abdul Azeez for
# 2 Hotels
# 2 Howsing Towers
# 5 highrises for offices
# Commersial center
# Medical Center

Binladin begins work at King Saud University

Construction work has begun on the women's college at King Saud University in Riyadh, following the award of the SR8.8bn ($2.4bn) contract to the local Saudi Binladin Group in December.

The firm submitted the low-bid for the college in July to the Finance Ministry.

At least five firms submitted bids for the construction package, including Saudi Oger, Al-Rashid Trading & Contracting Company and Athens-based Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC).

The scope of the contract covers the construction of up to 12 buildings on a 1.3-square-kilometre site in Riyadh.

Work is expected to take three years to complete.

Binladin recently secured a SR10bn contract for construction work at the new Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University for Women, also in Riyadh (MEED 1:2:09).

a mall .

a conference hall .

a hotel .

and some office buildings .

This was stated by the Director of King Saud University Dr. Abdullah bin Abdul Rahman Al Othman who expressed on behalf of all staff of the University his thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques - the patron of science and scientists for this kind parental gesture.
Dr. Al-Othman added that the support of the Saudi rulers to the strategic projects of the University reflects the close follow up of whatever serves the development and reform in line with the fact that the support of higher education is the basis of any progress that we all looking for and through which we can achieve the prosperity of our country. He noted that such support represents a historic shift in the development process of King Saud University.
Dr. Al Othman said that time has become appropriate for such investment projects which ensure the continuity of the financial resources for the University, and will thus enable it to compete globally.
He outlined that the University is setting up the first educational endowment in the region, which will contribute to the financing of technological research and development programs that will serve the human kind and boost the knowledge-based economies for achievement of sustainable development for the country. This will also strengthen the resources of the university as is the case with the prestigious world universities to stimulate innovation and excellence at all levels, attract, motivate and sponsor researchers and the creative, talented and distinguished people, make greater use of the university human resources, infrastructure and facilities, and support the university hospitals.

50 million R.S was donated for the project by a saudi business man

this morning ( 26 March 2010 ) :

taken today :

comparison (March) :


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trying to figure out what this project is about. the pictures in the first post are all deleted. is this still 200m+ or was the smaller building in the last picture completed and that one is final?
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